Do Marc Jacobs boutiques have F&F or do they price match??

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  1. Any information is appreciated. Thank you!! :smile:
  2. No. They don't do either.
  3. they don't have any sales on handbags either. the clothing and shoes go on sale at the end of the season at the collection stores, but only the shoes go on sale at the end of the season at MbyMJ

    It's too bad they don't have a F&F or some type of special event.
  4. Thank you both. I was hoping they would, since I'm looking into the XL single in dark grey, and it seems like only the boutiques are getting it...which sucks because I know a lot of the department stores are having F&F sales soon. I ordered what I THOUGHT was the dark grey from Bloomies when they had their fashion fundraiser event, but it ended up being the lighter grey (the taupe like shade), and I ended up returning it. :sad:
  5. did you call Bloomingdales about it? According to their website, they have the Dark Grey
    I would be really upset if I ordered what I thought they were showing on their website, only to receive an entirely different color!

    Someone also said that they saw it at Saks (not sure which store, not online)

    Do you know for sure that the MJ store has it? I had been waiting and waiting for them to come in and I finally got a phone call that it wasn't a color that they were going to carry, but she somehow was able to get one if I wanted it. By that time, I had located another one from Kiki in Baton Rouge, LA

    You could give Kiki a call and see if by any chance she can get another one.
  6. I did call them, and my local Bloomies as well. They said maybe the picture just looked Dark Grey to me, but it was really the other Grey. When I went to my local Bloomies to return, she showed me their lookbook, and none of the styles they had were shown in the Dark Grey. So, I was pretty bummed. :/

    Ohhh, at Saks?? I am now going to try and call around and see if they do indeed have it...especially since their F&F is coming up.

    And yes, a MJ SA from the Beverly Hills store (I believe that's where she's located) sent me pictures, and hers looks pretty light compared to the pictures posted here, but she said maybe it was because of the lighting and/or flash.

    Maybe I will get lucky.......
  7. Nordstrom price matches! Good Luck on getting your bag & a great deal!
  8. the confusing thing is that there is a GREY and a DARK GREY this season.
    The Grey is the taupe-y shade (with green edge paint)
    The Dark Grey is the one that Bloomingdales shows on their site, but the color selection just says "GREY", which is where the confusion may lie. They might actually have the lighter grey, but because it doesn't look like a true grey, they chose the wrong pic to show on their site. MJ Stores definitely have the "Grey" but I haven't seen the Dark Grey yet (that's the one I was told that they weren't going to carry).

    If it's any help, the style number of my Dark Grey XL Single is C302062, the color code for the Dark Grey is 80032. I'd call both Bloomies and the MJ store and make sure the numbers on the tag match these

  9. Yea, but Nordstroms doesn't carry the XL Single in Dark Grey
  10. Thank you for providing the style number and color code. Yes, the one I received was the taupe like color with the green paint. I was actually wondering about that for a LONG time when I had seen it up on Bloomies, because I knew there were two different shades of grey this season, but wasn't sure if it was the one becuase it didn't say "Dark Grey" -- but the picture totally looks like it to me...but after ordering it, it was confirmed that it wasn't the one.