do marc by marc jacobs bags come with dust bag?

  1. I recently bought one on eBay and it didn't have a dust bag.. is it weird?
  2. most of mine came with dustbags. did get one on sale at Macy's and they didn't have a dustbag available.
  3. I believe they do come with dustbag although it is different than the MJ's. The ones I have have Marc in grey and Jacobs in black, or viceversa, can't recall.
  4. the leather bags come with cloth dust bags while the cloth ones come with plastic clear dust bags.
  5. :yes: basically anything that isn't leather comes in the cheapie see-through one
  6. I'm going to agree...

    I had a Turnlock Bowler that came with a cloth dustbag and still own a Veruka tote that has a vinyl/plastic bag.
  7. yeah, they do come with dust bags, either plastic or cotton. maybe that seller didn't include it with the sales? :yes:
  8. i think it depends on the bag?
    the leather ones i get the dustbags.
    but if its not leather i usually dont get the dustbag.
  9. I think the non-leather, canvas purses/bags comes with translucent vinyl/plastic drawstring bag with marc by marc jacobs logo.
  10. My suede and leather ones both came with a cloth dust bag
  11. yes they do all of them do and the reason you didnt get a dust bag is because they kept it.. the person who sold you the bag kept it.. sucks i know but its true