Do many Nordstrom's carry Chanel sunglasses?

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  1. Or are they just sold at Chanel boutiques?:shrugs:
  2. I don't know if Nordy's carries different styles from boutiques, but most seem to carry Chanel sunnies.
  3. Ooooooooooh thanks! I will call tomorrow and make sure.
  4. Mine doesn't :sad: But all the NM's here do:yes:
  5. Thanks. I actually just called and mine does carry them! I love Nordstrom.
  6. My Nordies started selling Jimmy Choo's handbags and my SA said they will start selling Chanel & even LV. She told me if I tell her what I want she will make a phone call. She didn't say when they would start to carry these 2 lines. That would be a dream come true. Do you guys find this hard to beleive?
  7. The Nordstrom in SF Centre sells them but not in all of them here in Northern Cali :smile:
  8. The Nordstrom's near me carry them.

    Which ones are you looking for?
  9. I found them! I got 5102, but I loved the mother of pearl ones too. Oh heck.. I loved them ALL!
  10. the nordies near me in Glendale, CA carries buttloads of Chanels.
  11. Nordies Towson Town Center carries Chanel sunnies. OT, they MIGHT begin selling YSL and Gucci. That's huge for me because I have to drive over an hour for those brands (as well as many others).
  12. my nords carries gucci, chanel, prada and a few other high end brands.
  13. Bloomingdales also carries Chanel sunglasses (at least they do here). There are also several smaller boutiques (not Chanel) that carry as well.:yes:
  14. Today I put an order in for the new Chanel "Camellia's" (Sp?) from my Nordies here in Brea, CA. They had the white ones w/ the black flowers but I'm not one for white sunnies. I want the black w/ white flowies:smile: My SA said they got 10 pairs in and they sold out in one day!!!!! Holy Moly
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