Do Manolos with ankle straps only fit tiny ankles?

  1. I ordered a pair of Manolos with ankle straps without thinking of this and am now concerned that they may not fit my ankles. I don't have really large ankles but standard size ankle bracelets are too small.

    Can anyone share their experience with Manolos with ankle straps? Thanks.
  2. I have smaller ankles and I have never had problems. Plus you could punch an extra hole. Do you have a picture of the lovely shoe??
  3. I don't have a pic as I don't have them yet. I hope they fit.
  4. I have tiny ankles, but I generally wear them on the tightest hole, which means that you will probably be fine
  5. The only ones I found to be too tight were the Ringos...the strap on those was way too short in my opinion....and my ankles are not huge.