Do LV wallets always come with dustbags?

  1. Do LV wallets ALWAYS come with dustbags when you purchase them from boutiques??
    I am looking into purchasing a porte monnaie accordeon and the seller said not all wallets she has bought from boutiques have come with dustbags. Can anyone confirm this?

    Thanks so much!

  2. I have two wallets. Neither came with dust bag.:sad:
  3. The link doesn't work for me.:sad:
  4. Do you know the retail value on the new ones?
  5. My zippy didn't come with a dustbag.
  6. The retail is $270 I believe
  7. Does this one look ok? A couple people said it looked good but needed more pics to be certain. The pics she sent were too blurry to tell though!
  8. LOL! I was looking at this same auction earlier too and decided to wait and save up for a French wallet instead. It's cute! Good luck!
  9. The long wallet (forgot its name) I bought for mom didn't come w/ dust bag but I heard some nice SAs will give you dust bags.
  10. It looks OK to me + seller offers $$$ back as well.
  11. koala wallet came with a dustbag...maybe the larger wallets dont?
  12. Thanks so much!!! I am about to make my final high do you think I should go?
  13. its at $160USD now