do lv store still sell discountinued bags?

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  1. hello,

    I am looking for a bag that has been discountinued. Do you know if the bags stay in store until they are all sold? Do I have any chance finding one?
  2. yes, discontinued bags stay until they are sold or perhaps shipped to another store if someone requests that bag. Good luck in finding one :yes:
  3. thanks
    should I call the hot line to see if they can find one for me or do I have to ask in store?
  4. If you already have a relationship with an SA I would ask them to check for you, if not you can call 866 and they can locate one for you and if you have a purchase history with LV they will put you in contact with the store and ship it directly to you. What are you looking for? :graucho:
  5. ok
    I just called 800 and no more Illovo in stores.
  6. I would call Saks. Somehow some of the d/c'ed items are not noted in the LV system and they have it.