Do LV Shoes...

  1. fit true to size? i'm particularly interested in some wedges. thanks!
  2. No they don't. I go half a size up even though I have slim feet.
  3. I have to say on that!

    I wear a USA 13 and when I bought my first pair of LV shoes (spa monogram mules) she said go down size, so I have a 12 and it fits fine... I bought my Panama thongs and I wear a 10. 5 in those... and the Chrono shoes LV makes... I am a 9.5 in those and the running shoe I am a 10 I think... every shoe is different on me when I go there. I have wanted to buy shoes off eluxury before or other sites like Neimans or Saks but am afraid too do so because going down one size like I was told to do and what the charts say are way off.
  4. You should go and try them on, it's fun!
  5. It is fun :P I tried some on Monday, the orange perforated mules :heart:

    I did have to go up a size. I am normally a 9 (39), but with most European brands, I end up getting a 40.
  6. I went one size up too when I got my Mary Jane awhile back ago.
  7. Yeah I went up a half a size with my white MC wedges.
  8. Really?! I am going to remember that!!! Thank you, everyone (even though this wasn't my thread!!!:shame: )!!!
  9. thanks :heart: sounds like i definately need to go try some on!!
  10. I Go Up A 1/2 Size
  11. I think it's best to try them on, I feel each style is different so you would want to get a perfect match! i agree that the charts are off, so I never trust it. It's best to trust your feet, heehee!
  12. I go down a 1/2 size, and I have the widest feet imaginable.
  13. What is the largest size for LV shoes? 40 or 41?
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