do lv shoe sizes run true?

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  1. I'm a size 6 foot, sometimes I can squeeze into a 5.5 if need be, should I order a size 6 or size 7 shoe? Or does it depend on the shoe. TIA!
  2. I think it depends on the shoe. Every shoe I have tried on is a different size for me at LV. I am a 13 usa and my lv shoes are 9.5, 10, and 12.. it makes no sense to me!
  3. wow, why do they have to make it so difficult!
  4. Not to me; I wear a US 7.5, but have LV shoes in 38, 38.5, and 39. My advice -- try before you buy!
  5. Definitely try before you buy like mentioned above. I had to do that for my MC Wedge shoes and LV Rhinestone ones. I am a size 8.5 but ended buying a 9.5 for both pairs.
  6. Good ques! I have been wondering this too!

    What pair are you eyeing if I can be so nosy???
  7. I would say go a half a size bigger for sandals and true to size for flats. That's what I had to do with my MC wedges and flats (my mom also has the flats and had to do the same thing.)
  8. I Almost Always Go 1/2 A Size Up!
  9. I wear a 6.5 (36.5) in jimmy choo, manolos, gucci, CD, and all LV except the denim flats I need a 6 (36).
  10. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! I wear a 9, and I always have to go up 1/2 a size in gucci, 1 size in LV and jimmy choos, and fendi 2 sizes. I guess it depends on how the shoe is made?
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