Do LV Sales Associates Get Commision?

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  1. I was thinking of purchasing a wallet to go with my new bag, but I just called and there is none in stock of the one I want. The only LV store here in Indiana is @ Sacks. They said they could order one for me, but I was thinking of just ordering it off the LV website. The lady that helped yesterday did a good job and if she gets commission off my purchase I'll go back, if not I'll just order from the couch. :smile: Does anyone know? Thanks!!
  2. The SA at the louis vuitton said they do not ger any commision. I asked her that today!
  3. Thanks! That solves that!!
  4. Louis Vuitton associates don't receive commission.. BUT there are quotas to be made, and the bonuses related to quotas are substantial (like the size of one paycheque). Books of clients are pretty important to SAs, so if you like an SA, definitely shop with them again !
  5. Thanks for that info. I will make sure to go back to her than. Thanks! :tup: