Do LV items take a while to display?

  1. I just listed one of my bags and it's not showing up. When I sold a Coach a couple of months ago it was immediately searchable. Does eBay hold LV auctions for awhile before displaying?
  2. Anything on the restricted list especially things like LV would take up to 8 hours before they are searchable. Just don't hit edit otherwise it will take another couple of hours. AI is looking for prohibited wording and items that may be replicas. Good luck!
  3. Thanks! That makes sense!!
  4. I listed something last night at 9 pm and at 6 this morning it still wasn't showing up. So assume about 10 hours or more for LV items.
  5. 24 hours for gucci and louis vuitton- its worth making the listings 10 listings as u loose a day!
  6. No kidding! But now I don't want to edit and start over...the thing is there are still TONS of fakes, so I wonder if they really even check.