Do LV boutiques just give credit???

  1. Do LV boutiques just give you credit back or do they give you your money back so its not kept in LV company???:confused1:
    thanks everyone xx
  2. Well they do have a 14 days return policy after 30 days then you can only get store credit, hope it answer your question.
  3. only store credit
  4. Wait, so if I bought a bag and 2 days later didn't like it and went to return it (with a receipt) then I would only get store credit??
  5. ^^ i believe that is what my receipt says, yes. i remember it that way because i remember reading it on the receipt and being surprised, and telling my boyfriend that there was no turning back i will double check later when i'm home!
  6. Depends on your payment. If it's a cc they will credit your account. If it's cash and over $200 they will issue you a check within 10 business days. If the return is over 30 days you will be issued store credit only.
  7. I live in Sacto, CA and the San Fran boutique receipt says 14 days for a full refund or exchange..doesn't say anything about 30 days..wonder if this varies from state to state..
  8. I'm from SF and yes it's 14 days for a full refund or exchange. However, for some other reasons there is a 30 day policy with no refund except store credit for 1 year to use. Also only if the item is still resaleable.
  9. I've returned things within 14 days and gotten credit back to my card. Normally now if I want to return something and don't find anything else to buy, I ask for a store credit so that I can get something else later :lol:
  10. And if you buy with a LV gift certificate and then return the item, then LV gives a store credit (don't lose the store credit receipt or you are out of luck!).
  11. Receipt for the UK reads "14 days for an exchange or credit note only"
  12. To add to the confusion.. sometimes the written store policy is 14 days store credit, but the sales people tell me that if I return in 14 days, I can get back my money in the same form of payment.. :shrugs:

  13. ahh so just store credit for us in the UK!!! oh well my SO will just have to put a bit more for a bag!:graucho: maybe the belem xx
    thanks everyone!:p
    i will inform tom of what happened! and if us in the UK are getting treated unfairly considering you US LV lovers can get your money back!
    Ive not even had my bracelet for a week!:sad:
    hopefully all will go well xx
  14. On jewelry and watches you are only allowed a store credit. Leather goods allow a 14 day return OR exchange (in unused condition). 30 day exchange or store credit is a courtesy and not an official policy (at SA's discretion) which is why it is not written on the receipt. Policy should be the same in the UK as here in the States. Good luck!!
  15. My boutique gives a full refund if the item is returned in 14 days. If not, then it is a store credit.