Do Louis Vuitton use leather for everything ?

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  1. I was in Miu Miu with my daughter with my LV shopping and the sales assistant said oh and we use real leather unlike them , I asked what she was on about , she said monogram canvas , damier and multicolore are man made 'fake leathers' screen printed and vernis and leathers like that are just PVC

    this upset me but got me thinking is it true , and I was also told on this forum Louis vuitton gets there packaging for India / China / Vietnam and even some of the materials are made there , so why am I paying so much for fake leather made in india ??
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  2. Canvas isn't leather. You're paying for the brand name!!
  3. Obviously the canvas elements of LV products are not leather...

    Vernis is patent leather. Epi is treated leather and vachetta is untreated cowhide leather.

    What bregitta said - you're paying for a product from a luxury brand steeped in history! You could, of course, go and get an all-leather bag much more cheaply (than Miu Miu too) somewhere else, if that's what you wanted.
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  4. whats the canvas then , i know im stupid but is it man made ??
  5. Canvas is a man-made material, yes. Although it's woven from natural materials like cotton, I believe. And Louis Vuitton canvas is coated, which makes it more heavy duty and durable.
  6. Hi the tags that come with LV bags made from canvas state that the bag is made from coated fabric you are paying for a bag that is made to a very high standard from high quality materials and for items that are made in France,USA or Spain not in China and yes some of there dust covers and packaging are made in India but they are not trying to hide this fact from buyers it is stated on the tags inside the dust covers anyway I prefer bags that are made from canvas as they are much lighter than the full leather ones everyone has a choice as to what they prefer when it comes to designer goods I myself love Louis Vuitton and their bags will last many years.
  7. It is essentially PVC she is right, they use a heavy weight cotton (like the lining in a mono speedy) and coat it in melted plastic, it is set using molds/or roller stamped to give it it's texture and then screen printed with the logos and coated in a clear finishing layer once more... LV doesn't deny what it is they state it is 'coated canvas' which sound more luxurious than PVC, but then again Stella McCartney used 'vegan leather' which is pleather... it's all about marketing... there is a reason the monogram line is the 'cheapest' especially compared to other designer full leather bags... that said the profit margin for the mono, damier and MC lines must be massive, the are about 70% or so of the epi line prices but the raw materials would cost less than a quarter of that that epi uses... from memory didn't Dana Thomas allude to the fact that a certain popular designer's canvas coated bags sell for x8 cost price.

    food for thought I guess.
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  8. Canvas is not synthetic at all! The only thing synthetic on 'Coated Canvas' is the six layers of PVC coating which is applied with a mixture linseed oil during application. But with regard to the question at hand, it is not leather.

    Vernis is patent leather, that is, leather which has been coated with a plastic to give it the sheen. So yes, it is a real leather.
  9. I find it hard to believe that Miu Miu has never used any sort of PVC, canvas, or a patent leather of some sort...
  10. My sister used to make fun of me for loving LV, saying, I would never pay that much for that kind of bag-- it's not leather!! But I actually love the coated canvas LV uses. It's extremely durable and lightweight and you can easily wipe it off to clean it.
    Although all-leather bags are pretty to look at I find many of them to be heavy even with nothing inside. And then you can't enjoy them because they're hurting your shoulder or arm...
    I know there's been threads about LV's quality going down but I think that's true for other brands as well.

    Oh, and the last time I saw my sister, she had just bought a new Coach CANVAS bag, not all-leather HA!!!
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  11. I actually preferred LV coated canvas because they are more durable and most are prettier than all leather bags. I find most all leather bags are too much of a one toned and that's boring to me. What's the point of buying an all leather bag just to justify paying over $1000+ if you don't love it? I buy what makes me feel good. There's a reason why LV are more popular than Miu Miu!
  12. The fact that it is coated canvas is the history of LV which started out making travel trunks that were exposed to the elements and needed to be weatherproof. The mono may not be made of leather but there are a lot LV bags that are. I just can't afford most of them.
  13. The canvas is also lighter weight than leather. Everytime I pick up one of my bags at is all leather, I get shocked its weight.
  14. Nothing anyone or any SA at a competing brand could tell me would sway me from LV. I've had hundreds of good leather bags in my lifetime, some to die for, and I still pick LV. I love the coated canvas, it's light, durable and looks great forever. I love the history behind LV, and unlike some, I love that it is easily recognizable. I've worked hard to get to the point that I can afford this brand, and I don't mind that people see that. Nothing on an LV bag is fake. The trim is leather, and which kind depends on the bag. LV doesn't hide anything, they clearly state what their bags are made of. If someone wants only leather, LV makes leather bags. If paying high prices for a canvas coated bag bothers anyone, there are plenty of leather bags out there. It just depends on what you want and what makes your heart sing.
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  15. I thought the canvas was coated with leather that was liquified, then spread onto the canvas. I heard that years that is incorrect? I think I will call my SA and operations manager of the store I have shopped at for 10 years to find out for sure. Hmmm...I am so curious now.