Do louis vuitton garment bags have date codes and where would it be?

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  1. I have a louis vuitton garment bag from the 80's or 90's and I wanted to know if they had date codes
  2. It depends on how old and who made the bags - LV or the French Company

    Can you post pics?
  3. I have a SO 5 hanger Damier garment bag where would mine be also?
  4. Try looking along the seams inside or under the leather loop at the top of the hanging garment bag
  5. Mine doesn't have loops, its the 5 hangar zipper one, with different compartments, plus it is a SO....the BF and I have decided we will just turn the bag inside out, but we did locate the date coade in the pegase, which was under the leather loop,..he is actually finding the date code thing intriguing
  6. Could you please post a few pics? It would really help me come up with some locations for you.
  7. When I am with the BF(who now has custody of the bag that was too big for a women in the first place) I certainly will, however we are looking forward to searching ourselves
  8. ^^^ Good luck!