Do Longchamp Le Pliage bags exist with black handles??

  1. I was at work the other day, and one of the clients I was working with had what looked to be a Le Pliage bag with black leather handles as opposed to the brown leather. This was not the first time I saw this bag, and I finally asked her where she got it. She said it was from Bloomingdales. Unfortunately, the closest Bloomies is an hour away and I don't want to drive there if she was lying haha.

    I searched the internet over, because I would adore a pliage in all black, but have not even found a pic.

    Has anyone else seen or heard anything about them? Am I crazy? :confused1:
  2. Yup, they exist. They are like one level "higher" than the le pliage bags. I wish I could remember the name of the line! I'm still looking online though...The line has black, tan, and light blue (that I know of) that all have handles that are the same color as the bag. They are lined more thickly and are not foldable. I have both types and like this kind more. I'll let you know if I find the name...
  3. They look like le pliage but they are a different line. I have one of the black ones, they don't fold, so may not be quite what you want, but they are still a very stylish bag with massive amounts of room inside.
  4. Yes. I just bought a large Le Pliage in black with black leather handles at Nordstrom.
    Also, the nylon is made much thicker and has silver/nickel hardware.
  5. Yes, definitely. And ThisIsMyPurse is right - it's the planetes line. You can check out all the bags in the line on

    They're made of microfiber (if I'm not mistaken), much heavier/thicker than the pliage nylon. They don't fold and they don't have that extra button. They also tend to keep their shape more than the pliage.
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  6. Like the others said, they do. And I think they look quite smashing!

    I believe there are also other colours on some handles, I have a Ligne Planete with blue croc handles. So not all handles are brown!
  7. Wow, I like the look of the black one and the red one in particular!
  8. Yep they exist, and they look fab! I was at the Longchamp store yesterday (to buy a wallet) and there they were black and pretty!

  9. i have that bag in mocha and i got it from that site too :graucho: the nylon is much thicker and you can't fold it up (i just lay mine flat in the closet to save space). Also the leather is super smooth, not textured like their pliage bags. i think they must coat it in something. but overall i love it. i get compliments on it every time i wear it and i think the matching leather makes it look a little dressier :tup:
  10. p.s. LOVE the croc :yahoo: i may need to get myself a new one......
  11. Thanks to everyone! I'll have to go find one next week!
  12. Thanks, it looks even better IRL if I dare to say so myself...;)