Do Logo Bags = Vulgar??

  1. I read an interview recently with a prominent fashionista (whom I have since forgotten her name) who referred to logo handbags as "vulgar". I have long been a fan of LV, Fendi, and Gucci logo bags, but it made me wonder..could they possibly be vulgar? :confused1:

    So I am now in a dilemma regarding my next purchase. While I love several logo bags, I am also considering purchasing a high quality/high end leather bag sans logos. I just don't know..I guess I can always have both if I budget for it?? :rolleyes:

    So please PF members...let me know how you feel about logo bags! Thank you!
  2. the only thing 'vulgar' about the bags is the price LOL

    that designer was probably upset that they weren't getting as many sales as they had been expecting. what a crock.
  3. Some think it is because its like showing off (and some DO buy these to show off) while others really like the style and the way the monograms make an overall pattern. If you like something then get it, doesn't matter what others think as long as it makes you happy. If you can afford both then go for it, obviously the leathers are great too! I like the way some monogram bags look but I feel uncomfortable wearing if they are too much for me. Not sure why..I dont think I'm embarassed about people thinking I'm showing off or its fake (majority of fake bags are monograms) but I just think its too much for ME. I love leather bags so I only have one monogram bag which is a gucci, and I waited until I found one that looked right to me. I said this (about the gucci) in another post recently so I feel like I'm repeating myself lol.
  4. I just feel as if i'm blatantly paying for the brand if i'm buying a logo bag. Like gucci, the bags aren't even leather but their asking price is so high, you'd think I was getting a bag made out of awesome leather! I mean with, for example, chloe bags don't have a logo all over them. They sort of rely on design and material, and I feel as if i'm at least paying some money for the actual bag as opposed to all brand, if you know what I mean? For example, a normal canvas bag + print is probably about $30, but a normal canvas bag with GUCCI print is worth far more, and i'm only paying that much because it's gucci!

    Plus I feel as if they don't ever put any effort into making their bags... they just take a generic bag design and slap the logo all over it, and then it's 'designer'. It makes me mad to think that women do buy those bags for ridiculous prices too, because the company isn't even trying to not look like a money leeching machine.

    I do, however, have a guilty crush on the dior monogram though...
  5. In some ways, yes I agree. But for example the LV monogram canvas has been around for so long and it's been on luggage and trunks, I would definetly not consider it vulgar on luggage at least.

    I think logos are considered vulgar because they're the easiest way to show where you got your bag from, as most people know logos, but most won't recognise a bags origin just from craftmanship.

    However, I do think signature features, at least to those a little more educated in the field of fashion, are just as revealing as logos. THe shape og a birkin, gucci bucles, fendi bucles and so on are easily recongised by most here f.ex.

    Another thing is that logos in general aren't as big as the were in the early 90s in general in fashion.
  6. I understand you're point, but those are the lower end Gucci's. Fendi, LV, Dior, and other brands do them too..they have lower end styles with monograms all over and higher end styles that are leather or other exotic skins that cost much more. These bags (and even ones that cost less) are obviously not priced based on how much it cost to produce them, they just name whatever price and people buy them! People in other countries think a $1 bag is expensive if they can get it cheaper in their own country. Its all relative.
  7. I do know that those brands have some beautiful bags without the logo all over it (there's a beautiful dior tote made out of leather and not a logo in sight!) but the fact that they do do that just makes me feel repulsive. Lol and I know I kept saying gucci, partly because I um... don't like it much, but I actually just couldn't be bothered typing out all the brands that do make big logo bags (pretty much all of them actually).
  8. ^ I understand:yes: Just adding to the discussion
  9. There are many threads already on this topic....
    Although they're not for me (I feel like I'm paying someone to advertise for them!), many people love them. Seeing how popular they are, and how often they're faked, must prove that they're big sellers. Just get what you like and who cares what anyone else thinks? It's your money; spend it how you please.
  10. ITA. Personally, I do not like to carry monogram bags. I don't like being that flashy, but also, when you think about it, you are paying a ton of $$ for a bag that's NOT leather.:wtf: If I'm shelling out this much money for a handbag, it darn well better be made out of some yummy, smooshy leather!
  11. I've always liked LV and I won't change just because of people hating on it.. :yes:
  12. Still love my LV monogram no matter what...

    I think logos are vulgar when they are overdone. Wearing logos head-to-toe is vulgar to me, and it makes you look like a fashion victim. However, I don't think wearing a monogram bag with a plain outfit and subtle jewelry constitutes vulgarity.
  13. HaHa well said!!!

    I love monogramed bags as much as regular bags...get what makes you happy, and you don't have to have any excuses for your purchases!!

  14. Vulgar? As in offensive? People are really offended by logos? Dislike, sure. Turned off by, sure. But totally offended? I think putting logos in the same category as curse words isn't really correct. I mean, unless you see a logo bag and try to protect your children from them..
  15. Personally I dont like logo bags. I thibk they are tacky. Im a leather girl! But thats just my style.