Do Lockit Horizontal shoulder straps hurt? Also, Lockit Horizontal vs. Cabas Mezzo?

  1. Do the Lockit Horizontal shoulder straps (because it's rolled, not flat) hurt? Also, which large over-the-shoulder tote do you prefer: Lockit Horizontal or Cabas Mezzo?
  2. I like my Cabas Mezzo. It's very comfortable on your shoulders, holds everything, and it has a zipper top. It's a great shoulder bag.

    I am not too fond of the lockit design but for the LH i believe you can carry it on the crook of your arm. You should try both of them on in the store to get the feeling and you'll know what suits your needs. HTH.
  3. I tried both of these bags on in the store last week. I loved them both, but the LH didn't seem like it would stay on my shoulder good enough. Maybe it does, it is hard to tell what a bag will do when you wear it for hours verses a couple of minutes in the store. The CM seemed very comfy on. It may be my next bag!!!
  4. according to the louis vuitton SA, the lockit horizontal shoulder straps are the same straps as the looping MM... and since there is a thread on how the looping hurts people's shoulders... thus, is it right to assume that the lockit horizontal also hurts (or even bruises) people's shoulders?
  5. I love my cabas mezzo, they're usually comfortable. Sometimes it gets heavy cuz I stuff all my stuff in it for school, but other than that it's great! I thought about getting the LH too, maybe later on when I need to replace my mezzo.
  6. LH is VERY light therefore, rolled shoulder straps don't hurt at all (no matter how much you stuff the bag)! I prefer rolled handles to any other kind for some reason. I also like LH better than Mezzo. I think the shape of lockit is much nicer than cabas. JMHO.
  7. Oh...thats right....
    this thread just reminded me that the LH has rolled handles....I personally do not like this kind of strap at all....the looping bags I saw used to roll off peoples shoulders and it does look very uncomfortable to carry....I just realized that this style isnt for me due to it....ughhhh, I wanted to SO this one in
  8. ditto...I also own the bag and agree with Irene...:yes:
  9. To me, rolled handles = hand held. I know many people use them on their shoulders, but I just don't think they are designed that way.

    So I would go for the cabas, it is meant to be a shoulder bag.
  10. Lockit is prettier but Cabaz is more practical
  11. I actually prefer the rolled straps and haven't personally had a problem with them hurting my shoulders. I tend to have a problem with straps coming off my shoulders and the rolled ones seem to stay much better.
  12. I have both bags, and the LH DOES hurt my shoulder more than my Mezzo.
  13. thanks-