Do little flaws on your LV bags bug you?

  1. They bug ME!!!!

    I try to ignore the flaws in my bags (because after all it is a bag...) but being a semi-perfectionist I'm always staring at the little flaws in all of my bags! :lol:

    It's especially hard since I buy some off eBay and of course there are flaws...some more than others.

    So, is anyone here just as picky as me or you're the type to throw your bags around? (Crystal, I remember the day you first used your gold papillon, you said you threw it around and I was like omg! :wtf: :lol:)

    List some of your bags' flaws, if you wish! Here are mine:

    CB pochette - bow is a little creased and dirty (although not very noticeable now), pink canvas has a small faint grey mark beside a blossom
    Damier Sarria - creased chocolate leather handles, has a white scratch on there, canvas was scratched but I fixed it with a Sharpie :heart:
    Damier Recoleta - scuff marks on piping, strap is lopsided and leather on one end connecting to hardware is a little creased
    Batignolles - dirty handles, one is creased (like most other Batignolles do...), vachetta is a tad dirty, one of the "belts" on the side (not sure what I should call it...) has the flap creased from being bent backwards
    Miroir Pochette - minor rippling on seams and edges, some tiny tiny indents on surface, TONS of fingerprints (although that's a REMOVABLE flaw!)
    Vanilla Jasmin - probably my most perfect bag...the heat stamp tag is scratched and the outside leather has a tiny, tiny scratch but I can't even see it now
    Mono Papillon 26 - one small portion of the piping is scuffed (may be from it rolling off the car seat onto the mat...but looking at past pics, it may have been there before, piping and straps are a little, little bit dirty
    Mono Recital - has a slight odour (which I am fine with), strap is dark on the underside especially in the center where it was carried on the shoulder

    PHEW! :roflmfao:
  2. Apart from the fact that I've gotten the vachetta a teeny bit dirty I can't really say there is anything that annoys me that much.. Or, when I close my perf. wallet, it doesn't close "evenly" and that's somewhat annoying.
  3. I only have the epi speedy, but little flaws won't bother me. I buy bags to be used and loved by me so the little things that happen are just part of daily life. I tell myself that it adds "character" to it. :p
    I'm considering the mono petit bucket or a vernis bag for my next purchase and I am a little concerned about the vachetta on the bucket or the transfer issues of the vernis. C'est la vie though!
  4. The flaws don't bother me. I've been such a klutz all of my life that everything I own is flawed! I was really mad at myself when I carried my speedy for the first time and the color from my jeans rubbed onto the handles. No matter how careful I am, something always happens. I don't let it bother me any more. And I'm not overly careful anymore, either.
  5. Nope, not at all.
  6. :wtf: :wtf: :p . When the bag is brand new (maybe first two weeks), tiny flaws will bug me a little bit but not after that. If it's secondhand I don't mind at all since I didn't pay full price for it.:sweatdrop:
  7. little flaws on my LV don't bother me either. i just consider then normal wear and tear :yes: it seems like you've got too much free time in your hands to even list them all :s
  8. Nah. I think "flaws" on bags are like "flaws" on makes each one unique.
    So nope, they don't bother me at all :smile:
  9. Same here:yes:!!
  10. it bugs me when they are new, but like Lee69 said, you will get used to it. Remember how I freaked out about gold pap's strap? but now i think of it as patina of vachetta.....except it's ugly 'signs of age' wrinkles....
  11. the only thing that really bothers me on mine (and i don't use this bag as often so i don't think about it so much) is that there is slight fading on the vernis of my marshmallow reade pm -- it's slightly yellow in 2 spots. i'm guessing from the sun, but it's not like i left it in sunlight for a long time? i'm careful with that... and oh yeah, i always manage to continue to scratch the snaps on my wallet and the gold fastener on my green denim mini pleaty. that probably bothers me more than the vernis fading does.

    all my bags were new so i'm almost positive that anything that's happened to them was done by me. :shame:
  12. i'm a major perfectionist, but if i at first notice the flaw, i'll notice it for weeks.. then i'll forget about it, because my work is more important.. and my work drives me nuts! lol.
  13. If it's 2nd hand, blah.
    If it's brand spanking new, I'll be like "aww" and that's pretty much it.
  14. Karman, Oh my I am right there with you! I notice every one of them...thank goodness I am only that way with my LVs or I would not have friends or a husband! Damier Speedy 25 has this itty-bitty mark (noticed it last week in the bright sunlight), I have examined it under a magnifying glass with my reading glasses on! I don't know what I thought I would do about it. I do use my LVs every day and am not overly careful with them so I just decided to relax and start treating them like my friends!
  15. Gah, everytime I use mine I get scratches on the vachetta and then furiously try to fix them.
    I made a waterstain worse today by trying to clean it. Argh.