Do light coloured paddys get dirty?

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  1. I'm thinking of buying a Chloé Paddington in a light colour as I already have bags in black and brown. But I'm worried about how dirty they'll get after my MaxMara light blue bag transformed into a grey one!:wacko:
    Those who own a light coloured paddy, are you extremely careful when you take it out??
  2. I have the cream Paddy and it was that light color that pushed me over the edge into having to have one. I'm careful but don't fuss over it. The only area so far with unavoidable light marking is the piping on the bottom. Most of it has come off with gentle application of an eraser.

    I treated the leather so coffee spills have come right off. Since I always have a coffee in my hand:blink:, you know like the celebs:lol:, that's gonna happen.

    I give it a quick onceover after using. I don't keep ballpoint pens in any of my purses. The inevitable wear is just something a bag picks up in it's adventures. Character, if you will.

    Light colors are very doable!
  3. kiskats, what brand do you use to treat your handbag?
  4. Hi there, I own a Sable paddy which is the cream/pink color and you would be so surprised at how brand new it looks! I got it in Oct and there are no discolorations! Go for the light paddy- looks great with the hardware!!:lol:
  5. I have a sable paddy too and it is still very clean, although I haven't used it that much. I am more attracted to lighter bags though, especially in the paddington.