Do light colored clothes require a light louis?

  1. I love my mono and damier bags but is it ok to wear with summery clothes or pastels? I only have summer for about two months a year and i am depating on a summery bag but i'm affraid i can't wear it often an i can better invest in something else
  2. No, I don't think so, allthough wearing damier ebony pieces actually makes me a little depressed now a days I must admit.
  3. No, I don't think so! I think that a darker LVs look great with light colored clothes...Makes a good contrast!
  4. Carry whichever handbag makes you happy!

    I so, however like lighter bags in the summertime but I do carry black bags if my outfit is black.
  5. I'd say it looks nicer.
  6. ^^ I agree. I think it also depends on the tones of your outfits, it there are some brownish/khakish/olivey tones, I'm sure mono and damier will look great with it. IMO, they would also look great with white outfits. And....i'm sure they'll also look good with certain tones of the other colours too. So I guess my response is, IMO light coloured clothes do not necessarily require a light louis.
  7. LV of any type goes with any outfit IMHO!
  8. ita, i wear my damier with light and dark clothes! xx
  9. I think that if you can contrast darker accessories with lighter clothing then you really can stand out. And be confident always - how you hold yourself can make or break any outfit
  10. I saw Queen Elizabeth today at the Kentucky Derby in summer colors with a black bag. Now you know The Queen knows exactly what to wear and is proper at all times.;)
  11. nah, wear what you like! :yes:

  12. wow I read that too fast. Here's what I saw:

    LV can go without any outfit...

    ie the bag's r so great, who needs clothes? hahahaha damn I crack myself up!

    I do want to ask the opposite of the question in this post - what about carrying a lighter LV bag with darker clothing. Is that a faux-pas? I usually wear black pants and am wondering if the beige or white antigua would look ok or odd???
  13. any color of clothes will do. what matter most is how you carry it! ;)