Do leather jackets expand with wear?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just bought a leather jacket last night and found that it was a little tight. I don't want to return it as I have been looking for the perfect black leather jacket that resembles the Balmain has this lovely shoulder pads; if I do I'll have to settle for a cognac-colored one in a bigger size. Can anyone tell me if leather jackets will stretch over time? Or do you think a fitted fit is nicer than a "normal" jacket fit for leather jackets?

    Will appreciate any advice!
  2. It all depends how much expansion you want & where you want ....some designs and cuttings do not allow extra room.... if you can button it and move your arms up & down then you are fine cus most of the time you will wear it without button it up.

    JMO ~ a "fitted" Balmain inspired design leather jacket always looks better....Personally I prefer a more fitted style
  3. I can button it if I wear thin top, but it will still be rather tight. Definitely not much layering possible. The good thing about the sleeves is that it allowed me to open up some zippers if I wish for a looser fit. I like the fact that the black color and fit shows off the padded shoulders better than the cognac-colored, bigger sized one.

    But, do you think it will expand in the chest and arms area if I wear it often?
  4. All my leather jackets do not stretch for two reasons:
    1. I do not wear one style everyday
    2. I have very skinny arms so the arms areas do not stretch over times.

    Yes indeed leather does expand/stretch over times, from what you described how you going to wear it, I think it will fit you like a glove and you will be pleased with the style you want to carry out (with light & thin layering underneath the jacket).

    Sound like this jacket is more of a "stylish" rather than "to keep you warm" so I would say go for the style that "shows" the detail such as padded shoulders....

    Can you post modeling pictures so other TPFs can comment on the fitting? Love to see your new jacket :biggrin:
  5. i noticed that my mike and chris jacket stretched a bit... it was a tiny bit tight at first around the shoulders/bust but it fits comfortably now. i probably wore it for about a month of time throughout the past year.
  6. The stretching also depends on the kind of leather used. If it's a thin but supple lamb or goat leather, then the jacket is more likely to stretch. If it's calf or cow leather, the stretching is limited. And as mentioned, the cut and construction of the jacket will also influence the stretch factor.

    I have only one leather jacket that has stretched slightly, but because of the thickness and tailoring, most jackets I have are just as tight as the day I got them. If it's a fitted tailored style, I doubt it will stretch but a Balmain inspired jacket shouldn't be worn with layers of clothing underneath anyway. It's more a t-shirt jacket.
  7. Mine stretched a bit after regular wear. I didn't notice it in the way it looked, but more in the way it felt. Mine is made of a very soft leather.
  8. Thanks for the input, everyone! I tried it on at home again last night and noticed that it felt slightly looser, so it will probably stretch more with wear! Or possibly, I have lost weight! :p Heeheehee. I think I will keep it, because I already have a beige-colored jacket and have been looking for a black one for ages. And how can anyone resist Balmain, inspired or not!
  9. Did you notice a good amount of stretch in the shoulders?
  10. Leather jackets in my experience do stretch a bit over time...for me the shoulders should fit right from the start though, I haven't found that the shoulder area stretches and it's important for me that the area be comfortable from the start.
  11. Agreed.

    Plus, even if the leather 'gives' the lining prob. won't
  12. So true the about the lining.
  13. I am fan of leather Jacket mainly bicker jacket. Most of the time I have noticed that after using few time the jacket become shapeless for stretching. Recently I have ordered a bicker jacket from Kolossal Leather and choose one size smaller than my original size.
  14. All my leather jackets have definitely stretched with wear. Although they don't become shapeless, they do mold to my body better after a few wears.
  15. Leather jackets are finished with a variety of compounds, including wax. It may be uncomfortable, but wearing your leather jacket in hot weather will expedite its softening and stretching. Warmth always facilitates the loosening of jacket leather (and all other finished leathers, too).
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