Do ladies still wear last summer's swimwear/Bikini?

  1. Do you??? Also vent! I hate how swimwears go on sale for so cheap during winter....when you had to pay full retail price during the summer then they go dirt cheap :cry:! :rant:
  2. Of course! I don't just throw them away at the end of the summer. In fact, I have some bikinis that are over 5 years old!
  3. Yes I do =D.. I go swiming atleast 4x a summer,so I keep my swim suits usually up to 4 years. I also HATE swim suit shopping! its so depressing
  4. Sure why not... there usually isn't a huge change in suits. Bikini's will remain skimpy forever probably... :amuse:
  5. I only go to the beach about 10 times a summer and I have a wide aray of swimsuits so I keep them until they either don't fit or they look worn. I HATE swimsuit shopping! When I do buy a swimsuit I make sure it's on sale, that is one thing I won't pay full price for.
  6. You are such a smart shopper!:yes:
  7. Me too! Except, sometimes.. I can't fit in the suits the following summer... :biggrin:
  8. I always do. I buy new ones every year but I love my old ones. That being said, I don't go to the beach or pool that often.
  9. I had my 2 (I rarely go swimming) for 3 years, I had to buy a new one (and I'll be buying another one soon) because those got way too big on me.
  10. yes i do. i find it sometimes difficult to find underwire one piece swimsuits that fir flattering. i lucked out last year though. so this one is a keeper until it does not fit anymore. and happy to says it fits better this year.
  11. for sure! i have a bunch i rotate through, so none of them ever get worn out. i usually order from jcrew and the suits are pretty much the same each yr. sometimes its only the lining colour that differs
  12. I would if I go swimming this year. I'm not going to go out and buy a bunch of new ones just for a beach holiday.
  13. i buy new ones once a year but i always keep my old ones and then just rotate. i never throw them out. after you come back from swimming or the sea, you should wash them under cold water. they last longer when you get the chlorine out asap.
  14. Yes I sure do. There is no way I am going bikini shopping every summer with no back up to wear just incase I come up empty handed.
  15. with bikinis i pretty much hang on to them until they no longer fit me. however, that's not to say that i don't add a few more pieces to my collection each summer/before vacations.