Do Ladies *of a certain age* have an advantage at Hermes?

  1. ...or in most any establishment??

    I see a lof of age related questions here, and they're all fun. Someone has just reached the BIG FIVE-O or someone else at 40 is the new 20.

    I feel this is wonderful and am so glad I'm living at a time when this is happening. Used to be, although older people received respect, they were still....well....OLD! at least for the most part...

    Now....50 is the new 30, 60 the new 40 ( or at least 45 ).......and I think it is great!

    I am 50+ ( yes, older than our lovely ShopMom! ) I started noticing about the time I turned 50 that I was beginning to show my age. Instead of going into a panic....:hysteric: I also noticed concurrently that certain doors were beginning to open. I could walk into a store and get help immediately just by smiling ( and thus, showing my wrinkles:p ) People seemed to take me seriously for the first time ( I have always looked young ) and I could ask a stupid question:shame: and still get a polite answer!

    And the best part......people think 'cause you're older you have MONEY:wlae: ! Especially if you carry the Hermes, wear the bling, drive the Bentley ( I don't have a Bentley but I'm eyeing one...well, you get the picture).....and smile a lot ( like you're so excited that you have all this crazy fun stuff.....all these wonderful props that you've worked for and earned! )

    So, with all this get-up...H handbag, bling, the right car, parked in front of the right house.... all these props...combined with being the best age ever.....I feel that being a certain age can help at Hermes or anywhere else. Like being in a play on the stage of can be fun.....

    What do you all think? How do you feel about it?
  2. I don't know S, that is a good question. I will be 37 this year, but have always looked young thanks to my mom's genes. There have only been a few places where I can say I was disappointed in how I was treated. I usually have a nice bag, but not a lot of bling, and am currently in the stage of life where I am driving a mini van (a very nice one though). I think for my part, a friendly smile and nice manners go a long way in getting nice treatment from others. I have worked retail many years, not in clothing or accessories, but as a pharmacist; and a friendly customer is always a treat to help.
  3. "a friendly smile and nice manners go a long way in getting nice treatment from others...."

    I certainly agree, Sofibella.....this is number one!

    I just so often see younger people not taken seriously in establishments....I'm wondering if this is just the opposite bias.....
  4. You made me laugh. I think you may have something there "a friendly smile... showing the wrinkles. All the props..." At least there is something positive to look forward to. My mother in law says her 40s were the best time in her life. The 40s are good - but I need to hear about the good times in your 50s.
  5. If you are talking about shopping at Hermes and age...I don't think it really matters.

    If you want to know about age/life/experience/bling and all of that...ask me in ten years when I have more time to respond.
  6. I guess with age comes confidence. An air of confidence definitely seems to command attention. Some find this confidence early on others take longer to mature into it.
  7. I agree. .
  8. I so agree about this Rose...I so agree!
  9. i'm getting better each year, that's for sure. if that results in confidence, white hairs, wrinkles (just like with the scratch on a new box kelly, the first one is the hardest, lol), better style, more $, more experience, more knowledge, i'll take it.
    if a discerning SA picks up on that, it's all good.
    sofibella... aren't you the one with a kelly that you wrapped the handle so beautifully? could you flash me that pic again - it gives me a high. how old were you when you got that bag?
  10. I know what you mean. A few character lines and age spots are a small price to pay for the benefits that come along with the evolution of becoming the person you were meant to be. I too, have just entered my fifth decade and love that I seem to be taken more seriosly by those around me, than ever before! I thought the 40's were great, but I think it's going to get even better!!!. . .
  11. Exactly, everyone! And, I agree with Rose....confidence is a frontrunner!
  12. I think older age can be an advantage... I'm 29, and look younger than my age (I look like a university student still).

    Being young is sometimes a disadvantage at work and also high-end shopping... if a SA just quickly looks over me if I'm new to a store, sometimes I don't get taken seriously because people assume I can't afford what I'm looking at, which is very frustrating. I don't think it's a confidence thing though. I do find that an older person tends to get served before me all things being equal.
  13. I will turn 40 this fall and would not turn back one moment of time. Life is very, very good.

    I agree with many sentiments expressed above...a smile, general pleasantness, and moderate-high confidence are assets in life...

    (LOL...the psychologist in me must also reference Daniel Goleman...he referred to this as EQ...Emotional Intelligence...)
  14. I think men seem to fair better than anyone. It is like the SA's know that they are not in the store to play and browse. Men seem to have the best luck with bags being pulled fromt he back and offered
  15. I haven't quite reached that plateau yet, but it sounds great!