Do jumbo classic flaps come in different shapes?

  1. Found these pics on eBay, I'm assuming they're both authentic. Do jumbo classic flaps come in different shapes?

    Flap #1 - this is the usual shape I see here on tPF:


    Flap #2 - this shape seems more square-ish:

  2. Hm, not sure if I posted in the right forum...? Does this question belong somewhere else?
  3. I think the 2nd pic ..maybe the older version of jumbo .Any 1 here can verify that?
    1st pic .. jumbo classic flap
  4. I think they can vary over the years..but that square one....hmm. When did Caviar come out? I had a jumbo from 15 years ago and it was the same shape as my current ones just 1 inch wider.
  5. who knows? maybe try to post in the Auth. this thread
  6. it's fine here since it's not an authenticity question.
  7. Hmmmm, maybe I should post the 2nd pic in the Authenticate This thread just to be sure...
  8. I'm pretty sure Chanel DID change the shape a bit over the years. Not a big difference but enough for us to know;)

    The second pic I believe is an older model.
  9. i was even under the impression these are called large since they 'retired' the jumbo classic size (the one with the huge logo)