do juicy bags come w/ dustbags?

  1. I've never really paid attention...but do they or do they not actually?
  2. All the Juicy bags I've ever bought (and/or seen) came with sleeper bags. They were large flannel sleepers - usually in pink or blue - with the "juicy story" printed on the front with large leather hearts at the ends of the pull-strings. They're actually kinda nice sleepers (which can be used for other things too - not just storing handbags). If you do a search on eBay, I'm sure you'll find several listings for Juicy sleepers/dust bags.

    I don't know about the newer "Luxury" leather bags come with thee same kinds of sleepers or if they'e different.
  3. i thought so, but no box right?...sometimes at Saks the dustbags are missing. Or the SA forgot to put it in the bag?
  4. Yes, they do.
  5. juicy clutch came with a sleeper bag with the juicy story printed on it and a drawstring closure with two leather juicy hearts on the is actually very cute and I have used it a few times when traveling!-- just for wallet, makeup bag, etc.
  6. my juicy bag ddin't come with a dust bag. I got a cara tote, a little bigger than a daydreamer, and the SA at Saks said it was too big for a dustbag. I think it's mostly just juicy's leather bags that come with dust bags.