do it all bag for a 17 year old

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  1. hello,
    i am 17 yrs old, a senior in high school, and looking to invest in a good looking, durable, and versatile bag.
    the bag should be big enough to hold my things but not huge.
    simple but elegant
    preferably leather, solid color, but i'm open to anything. i don't want logos plastered all over the bag though.
    it should match basically style: i wear a lot of urban outfitters and american apparel, jeans 80% of the time. again, i'm only 17 and i live in california so i don't want anything too flashy.
    budget: less than $300
    thank you for your suggestions!!
  2. You should try the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki hobo. Sometimes, you can find them on ebay for less than on the website. Nice bag, not flashy and super comfortable. You should check out the Rebecca Minkoff subforum.
  3. ^ I was just going to suggest the same bag/designer!!!
  4. ^ LOL. I adore my Nikki! I think the Noir would be a good color as well.
  5. I would also say Rebecca Minkoff. I have your exact same style, only I'm 21. I have a Nikki and a morning after mini and they are PERFECT!!! There are a lot of deals on ebay, I would also check online stores like that are having deals right now. The leather has a great slouch and looks great with more casual clothes as well as nicer pieces.
  6. ylm...check out the Tano Sub Forum here. I think the Boogie Bucket wioud really suit your needs, and you can get it for around the low $200 range. No logos....easy to put books in and other things, and not too big and not heavy. Also, we love this website over there:
  7. id look at coach. i think their leather styles are timeless and not too flashy and the price is right. that was my first designer bag
  8. i really really love balenciaga work for such things, its got space space space :smile: and is laid back feeling
  9. Agreed! Most bang for your buck.
  10. Ignes Ormala in a neutral color like black/gray/navy? I used one as a school bag my sophomore year of college and it was great. They're normally $380 but currently some of the grays/navys/browns are on sale for 35% off which brings the bag down to $245 and change.
  11. I think Tano would be best if budget is a huge concern, but if you're willing to spend a little more, a Rebecca Minkoff would be great!
  12. I'd recommend a Coach Carly Large in Leather. The leather on this bag is gorgeous and you can carry a ton on this bag. Check out your local outlet because they have plum, navy and black color. Depends on what you want.
  13. What about a Coach leather tote or carryall? They come in beautiful colors, and a variety of sizes, you can get a good deal on one at the outlets.