Do Irrational Thoughts Ever Pass Through Your Head...

  1. So I keep looking at lovelygarments pics of all those fabulous pinks. I LOVE pink...I've got the '05 BG, the '05 Magenta, and now '08 petal pink (pp). But I keep looking at pics of the pale magenta and freaking love it. But alas....I also want electric blue & turquoise and hubby will eventually kill me!

    So this crazy thought crossed my mind today.....'Hey, sell your '05 magenta and buy the '08....or trade someone' Then I looked again at lovelygarments pics and thought 'WTF girl...'05 magenta is freaking hot'

    Anyone else ever had these crazy thoughts before? Think of selling and then come to your senses?

    Or....think of buying and then come to your senses (I haven't personally experienced this one since I don't know when to quit)?
  2. yup.

    The poor bag in my siggy has been threatened before. and once I see or feel the leather I'm like--- "nah-can't do it!- unless it's for like an OTT price tag!"

    I think TPF has a big influence too...... :devil:

    Keep your Magenta Twiggy- that bag has yet to come about my eBay travels--- and I've been in eBay land constantly the past 6 months

    just chill :girlsigh: - give your babies a big hug and sleep on it for a night- or two or .......... you KWIM?
  3. Yes, I too am insane. My husband tries, God Bless Him, to be patient with me. I am a handful and Balenciaga is just too much to handle in an appropriate manner with my very addictive personality. Damn it.

    Remember, yesterday, I ordered a PP city myself, when I pretty much only wear black WTF????!!!! I also have magenta and violet, which are fabulous!!!!! I want EB and turquoise also... how are we going to swing this without our husbands leaving us, our bbags and bbag debt behind???

    I better start doing more "favors" for 'ol DH. Damn it again.
  4. Twiggers, don't you dare sell your 05 magenta - you will regret it so much!!!! I haven't ever seen a magenta twiggy on eBay. My magenta city is one of the most beautiful bags - it is so perfect and so beautiful, and I am sure your leather and color is just like mine!! Don't even think about it, sistah! :bagslap: or i'll have to bag slap you....
  5. LOLOL.....I'm pretty much over it....but what a crazy irrational thought LOLOL Damn bag addiction.....
    Shasta: LOL @ favors.....I"m already prepaid for electric blue & turquoise...but my stupid self promised him that was it until the F/W collection ..... what an idiot I am LOL
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. I consider it an irrational thought each time the idea of purchasing a Bbag comes into my head, so yes, I do have irrational thoughts! I'm too new to the Bbag addiction to have considered selling anything.
  8. My irrational thought made me buy a pewter day today :p so I fully understand ;)
  9. My irrational thoughts led me to buy my fourth BLACK bbag yesterday! Why the heck do I need four BLACK bbags? Oh, I know - I can rationalize by saying they are all different (black city ggh, black matelasse, black step and new sister black city sgh) but they are all BLACK! Let's not even start in with the rationalization that goes on about colors!
  10. LOL Gwen!
  11. oh. my. gosh. I have that group pic of all of the various pinks saved on my desktop now. I'm in the middle of finals, and when I get stressed, I just open the pic and go "ahhhhh..." it's so soothing for some reason! :p:shame:

    Lovelyg, if you're reading this, I hope you are not totally freaked out by me. Your bags are just too gorgeous!
  12. I'm right there with ya, Bama! I loooove black and I have four black bbags too. But don't you have some black RH bags too? I think you have more than four! Don't hold out on us. :p
  13. Twiggers, NOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm biased, true, but you have a perfect Magenta that you could not replace, and you'd regret it. There will be a lot of '08 Magenta bags around for quite a while, so that color will be available to you if you still really want it after some time passes. Really.
  14. Yep, I have been thinking rather irrationally too. Not along the lines of which bag am I going to sell, considering I only have 2 as I only recently jumped on the Bbag bandwagon. But more along the lines of "darn it I must have this and this and this". The rational part of me is going "why on earth are you dipping into your hard-earned savings to fund so many bags when you could realistically use the same bag all the time".

    Anyway, don't sell yr Magenta 05!!
  15. twiggers you can sell all your other bags BUT 05magenta you crazy girl ! :nuts:

    i had a session of irrational thoughts yesterday which led to buying a hermes kelly which was supposed to be funded partially by selling some of my i am like WTF were you thinking you cant sell your babies !!! :sweatdrop::s:upsidedown: