Do iPhone cases come with dustbags?

  1. I went to pick mine up today (I got 2) and neither came with a dustbag! I'm absolutely appalled! I just opened the gift wrapped boxes when I got home. :cursing:
  2. doesn't EVERYTHING come with a dustbag? Although an SA tried to pull that over on me once. no box OR dust bag when I got my BF a damier wallet. She just told me she ran out - So i was like ok, give me a different sized box!
  3. I'm sure everything should come with a dustbag :biggrin:

    halona - Ive had that kinda thing happen to... an SA at a store said the 'ran out' and then I went back to see another SA and presto boxes and dustbags.
  4. isn't it outrageous! needless to say - I never purchased from that particular store again - there are plenty of other LV boutiques with good service in the NY/NJ area!
  5. the weird thing is that my iPhone cases didn't come with tags either! no tags and no dustbags for 2 iPhone cases. I'm completely stunned since I have been shopping at that store for a while and my SA knows me by my name.
  6. hmmmm... that is wierd. Maybe you can ask you SA about it?
  7. Bring it up to your SA, because my iPhone case came with 2 tags, dustbag, box, and small bag. The whole kit and kaboodle.
  8. Ok, based on the pics I've seen on here, is there an actually hole for the screen on the case? Because what's the point of me buying one if I'm going to have to pull it in and out of the case all the time?
  9. Should Keepalls come with boxes? Mine came in a dustbag, but there wasn't a box like I get with accessories/small goods.
  10. No hole. It pretty much is just to protect the phone when you aren't using it.
  11. Not everything comes with dustbags/tags. But if you really want them that bad, simply go back to the boutique and ask the SA for them. :yes:
  12. I would go back and ask
  13. My mono keepall only had a big dustbag but my epi keepall was in a huge box.

  14. Mine sure came with a dustbag... and a box....
  15. I don't understand why they are so stingy with boxes and dustbag sometimes! I am sure they have them! If its convient for you I would go back and ask for them. A SA once told me they "ran out" of boxes" when I asked for one, I decided not to buy, went to another SA and surely they did have boxes. Sometimes, its ridiculous!

    Since the holidays are coming up, another thing has irked me. LV is most definitely a luxury store, I don't get why a lot of the time, if they even give you a ribbon, they only tie the ribbon in a knot and leave the edges raggedly cut off so it looks very crude. Can't they spare an extra few inches of ribbon to tie a bow and take the time to nicely cut the edges?