do id bracelets have date codes?

  1. do id bracelets have date codes?
    those really cute mono ones with the leather bow? i asked someone for the code and they said there wasn't one. does anyone know where to look if there is one? thanks!:s
  2. They sure do! It should be on the strap vachetta part on the back of the bracelet.
  3. indeed it does....i would love to show u a pic of mine but the back has patinaed a lot and u won't be able to see the datecode clearly anyway haha :smile:
  4. Yes, they do. Here are pics of the Monogram and White MC ones - the date code is located to the right of the heat stamp...
    1.jpg 8.jpg
  5. [​IMG]

  6. Yup all lil leather things have the datecodes