Do I Want This Sky Blue Besso Motorcycle Bag?


Sky Blue Besso - Good Bag vs. Bad Bag

  1. Go For It! Okay, It's Not A Balenciaga, But It's Cute!

  2. No - Not A Good Blue - Find Something Else

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  1. Opinions? Thoughts? Hideous? Way to go? Fabulous - Summertime here I come? Or nooooooo????:smile:
  2. Sorry - I did it again...
  3. Jchiara, I really don't care for that skye blue color. It's so bright. But....I am so dull (LOL). I don't go for overly colorful bags. To me that is strictly Spring/Summer carrying.
  4. How much is it? It could look cool with all black, or in the summer. Im also drawn to bright colors. It depends if youve already got enough staple bags...
  5. I think it's really cute!
  6. did you end up getting the pink one? If so, I would try to find a different more neutral color for a second one. Also, what does it cost?
  7. Haha! I can't believe you remember me and the pink Besso!:p Yes, I did end up getting it - I'm very excited about getting it. However, this blue one comes from a different site - and is incredibly overpriced. I know if I had bought it directly from Besso, it would have been comparable, but since the style, etc., is a few years older, you get some nice deals on eBay. However, since I searched google and was only literally only able to come up with one website in the entire universe of the internet, it's $228 which is a bit steep. I do have a black, red and white version of this which I consider "neutral staple"....and then the pink was going to be my fun one. I was in search of a blue bag - and had found a navy blue Besso from yet ANOTHER vendor for around $228. That must be the price point for the colors you can't find anymore. In terms of brown bags, I own an original Fiore Audra. I'm selling all my Kooba Marcelles because I just got tired of the particular style. I thought even for a moment this evening I should sell all my Fiores just to get a Hayden!:hysteric: Oy.
  8. I'm not a huge fan of this blue. I love the Hayden-Harnett smoke blue bags, though! I think that is just one of the prettiest blues I've seen.
  9. Here's a close up. Maybe a better rendition of the color. I just wish it was as hip as Nicole Ritchie's turquoise one she always looks sooo cute in....:s
  10. I guess I really just wanted to look like this...well, not the body.....but that cutie little shock of blue BB that's soooo cute.....:crybaby:
  11. It's a cute bag! If you love it, get it!
  12. Looks pretty close to the Blue India, just not so much of the green tint. I like it! If you want a blue bag like Nicole's, this is pretty close.
  13. Looks pretty. Go for it!
  14. can someone tell me about besso? i searched for some bags from this brand and they just seem to be inspired designer brand bags...? is this legal?
  15. It's the difference between "inspired" and "fake". "Fake" is illegal - those are the cheesy bags being sold for full price saying that they are the real thing, using the labels, etc., and touting them as "real" but they are fake. "Inspired" is just that - they are copying a shape and style - but have their own name on the bag, such as Besso. Besso is a fabulous company that really is the next best thing for those of us who cannot afford the real thing right now. Besso's leathers are really nice too. Just stay away from the "Diva" Collection - by Besso. While not bad, it's faux leather, and I'm just not into that...;)