Do I want this Marc Jacobs?

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  1. I need some advice. I want to get a Marc Jacobs bag and I really like this one. I trust the seller 100%. I have dealt with her several times in the past. But the dimensions of the bag scare me? Does anyone have this bag? Is it extremely heavy? 19 inches across!!! Sounds like a Monster. Any MJ fans out there that can fill me in. This is the 1st MJ bag that called out to me in a big way.
    eBay: Marc Jacobs Black studded handbag purse Bag New (item 190022453433 end time Sep-18-06 19:34:47 PDT)
  2. I would ask a mod to move this thread to the MJ subforum for more replies.
  3. do I do that? LOL
    I just realized that this is a MARC by Marc Jacobs. How much difference in quality is there?
  4. quality is still there. its just a more dressed down brand, catering to younger women vs. the MJ collection. PM a Mod and they'll take care of you.
  5. I have a MJ tote that's probably the same width size and twice as tall. It's not super heavy. I plan on using it for books this fall when I go back to school. I love it!! It's my fav purse.
  6. I may have to continue my search for another MJ I like. I just got out my tape measurer. EGADS...I could fit all 3 of my dogs in there. Ok, they are toy poodles but anyway...I thought some of my IF bags were large and none of them riveled this in size. My idea of a large bag is more 16 x 9 or so.
  7. I bought this bag in red and returned it not because it's too heavy but because it was too big. I'm 5'1 and felt it swamped me.
  8. Thanks for all of your help. The seller was kind enough to add a pic of the bag on a manniquen to her auction. I knew then it was a no go. My name isn't Ashley and I don't have a twin to carry in it. Cute cute bag...if only it was smaller by a third.