Do I want this bag?

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    The Medium Saba...I love animal print and the Large (also on sale) seems like too much of a good thing. For those of you who have a Saba, are the bangles going to make it painful to put over the shoulder?

    This would be my first JC, but it's a little more than I wanted to pay for something I couldn't wear with everything. I'm attracted to it but my practical side is thinking maybe I should get a Riki or Ramona in a "safe" color...and WHY does it calculate tax of 10% without knowing where I am? Yes there's a shop here but I'd have it sent elsewhere, and I'm not signed why is the default 10% tax?!

    On the other hand I keep going back to the website and drooling over the bag. Help please...
  2. IMHO...and this is JUST my opinion, I would not buy it. It seems like a little "much". Now, if you are someone that can afford multiple bags and the price is no big deal, then you could go for it as a nice 'sometime' accessory, but if you are just looking for one bag now, I would go for a more classic, simple bag that can be worn with everything.
  3. No, it is a big deal. While I could technically afford it, I'm supposed to be behaving myself just in case...because of the economy. So it's a question of buy it now or forget about it.

    I guess I worry the animal thing will get played out and then I'll have blown my chance to save for something more practical. I do love it though. :ban:
  4. A leopard Saba in Grey sold on eb@y last week for less than $700, I would look elsewhere if you want it. I try to avoid pony bags unless I just love them because they aren't very durable and shedding is unavoidable so resale is pretty much a bust. It is a lovely looking bag IRL though and the bangles don't get in the way at all when you carry it. It has a generous strap drop so the bangles hang in such a way that they don't really rest on your arm. I'm unsure about the calculated 10%. My primary residence is also near a boutique but when I buy from the items price is all that I pay plus shipping. If you go to your cart and look at the unit price ($1,425) versus the item total at the bottom (not the subtotal) you should see that the item total has been reduced to reflect a discount of the taxes and duties. They are reducing the price of the bag to cover the taxes and the duties so your estimated subtotal should be the same as the price of the bag. Are you confused? I tend to ramble! ;) Don't get overly excited, if you make a return the taxes and duties amount is what they will keep and the discounted bag amount is what you will get refunded.
  5. JC's pony bags hold up pretty well. I have two Sabas and don't have problems with the bangles. That said, the leopard is pretty bold. If you can lay your hands on one of the Zebra sabas from last year, they are more understated imo.
  6. I agree for a bag of this size, the print is very bold. I agree with lionlaw, tho that J choo does great pony bags...I have 2 and love them both. I think animal prints are going to be around for quite awhile...the african theme is big again this coming year. I am no help!
  7. BittyMonkey!

    You should go for the leopard print's a stunner! I have it in the medium size & my friend just found the last large grey color in the Choo boutiques that was left thanks to a wonderful SA in New York.

    The thing I LOVE is the actual print itself does not look cheap like a lot of leopard or cheetah in particular tends to appear :smile: It's difficult to explain & each bag varies slightly...but this print has the leopard spots as well as vertical lines that are mixed in with the spots for a different effect. The lines tend to be one color (black) so it plays up the spots which are two-toned (taupe & black).

    IMO the "grey" color is a bit more conservative or less bold than the brown & will also coordinate better with your wardrobe. Good luck & please post pics if you decide to take the plunge!!
  8. i bought this bag in Nov. I love it. It is gorgeous, and while I don't use it everyday, I feel it is going to be a classic buy that I carry forever, it looks great with an all-black outfit. I'm attaching a pic of mine.

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  9. bitty...did you get the bag?
  10. I think it's really gorgeous, but I'm kneedeep in my own personal leopard-love phase.
  11. I love the bag and think it's actually pretty neutral if you tend to wear solid colors. The grey is my favorite color and I wanted the Saba but $3200 was too much so I bought the Zulu 4 months ago and now that the Saba's on sale I'm spent and don't want 2 bags out of the same leather. I say get it and we can swap once in a while to share :graucho:.

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  12. bichon...i could never afford $3200 on a bag, my husband would likely make me take it back. luckily i got the medium at the saks sale, so it was $850, which i feel is a great deal for such a gorgeous bag. i love your zulu, i'm thinking that is a nice wallet for my bag. LOL
  13. Too matchy matchy! :roflmfao: Congrats on a great price on a beautiful bag! Enjoy :yes:
  14. I'm resurrecting this thread because there is a large Saba on in leopard print for $1697, down from over $3300.

    Is the Large too large?

    Maybe I should hold out to see if the all-watersnake Riki goes to the 50% off sale?

    What do you guys think?

    (So no, I ended up not buying it before)