Do I Want the Red Patent Ergo Hobo?

  1. The Ergo is not my favorite style, but I loved it in the lg turquoise hobo so I got it. I also LOVE the idea of red patent leather so I am thinking about it before the PCE is over. Should I??? Just look at my collection (go to my site for updated pics) - I don't really need any more bags! But I could use a red bag :love: ...but I am trying to save up to buy a different house since I got divorced. I am having one built and I need to save my pennies. Talk me into or out of it...won't another PCE come in a few more months and I can get it then?
  2. Yes, you do. I LOVE mine!!!
  3. While I really love mine, I don't want to tell you to spend money you have earmarked for something as important as a house. You have several GORGEOUS bags so it's not like you will be walking around all bag naked, kwim? ;)
  4. Of course you need a red bag :devil:

    Or you can save the money for the house...

    (Go for the bag :tup:)
  5. Yes!

    I love my red patent ergo hobo and its sister, my mahogany patent ergo tote. The hobo is better, IMHO, if you like big bags because it's just so roomy! It slouches perfectly and is just the right color!
  6. Every girl who loves red needs one great red bag. This one is gorgeous. However, it will probably still be around for the next PCE. Then again, it might not last that long.

    It really depends on how much you love it. How do you like your Turquoise one? Have you tried the red one on yet? How much would you wear it? Have you put on outfits where you thought "now, i wish i had that red ergo to go with this"
  7. Have you checked at the outlets? Alot of ladies have been finding ergos for cheaper than with PCE.

    If they are not there, then for sure take advantage of PCE while ya can! :smile:
  8. How much do you think you'll use it? I reallly LOOVE this bag, but it depends upon what you're looking for. You have the turquoise one, so you know if you love the style.

    You could always order it for PCE and then return it if it doesn't work out; if it's a choice between the bag or the house, I vote for the house. If you can do both, I say go for the bag. Coach doesn't make many gorgeous red bags...I wish they'd do more!

    If you DO get one, please post pics!:wlae:
  9. I say get it! I was oogling over it at the boutique today. If I had the money it would have been MINE!
  10. Hmm what about selling a bag and then buying the patent ergo with the money from that? That way you get the bag and have money for the house :smile:
  11. My first thought was yes you do, but when I read that you are saving $ for a house, I have to agree with sparkles and maybe sell one to go toward the new one.
  12. I would get it before PCE ends. I'm not sure if red will make it to the outlets. Your closet needs a pop of red (LOVE it, btw) ;)
  13. First: the amount of money you spend on the bag isn't going to affect the new house purchase.

    Second: Red isn't that common in coach bags, what if by the time next pce rolls around it isn't available anymore?

    Third and most important: We never know what might happen tomorrow or if we will even be here so enjoy life as much as possible and spoil yourself.

    GET IT BEFORE YOU REGRET IT WITH PCE (you can always return if you change your mind)
  14. The Red patent ergo is gorgeous. You have alot of bags and perhaps you can sell one to get the Ergo. Just a thought.
  15. +1

    I'd say get it and keep the receipt.
    That way you can return it if you change your mind. And still take advantage of the PCE if you choose to keep it.