Do I want blue or wine wings on my trapeze?

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  1. hello! i'm debating on which small trapeze to get - the summer khaki (khaki body/gray flap/wine suede wings) or the prefall royal blue (black body/taupe flap/royal blue suede wings). I love both! I am worried that the blue wings will show dirt much more easily than the wine wings, but then again, I'm concerned that the khaki leather will stain with my jeans, etc. Sometimes I love the pop of blue and practicality of a black body and handle, and others I just drool at the moody tones on the khaki trapeze.

    which combo should i pick? which is more practical? any advice re: durability of the khaki leather body and/or blue suede wings from owners?

    Many thanks for your help!
  2. Prefall rb imo!!!
  3. I would go with RB and not have to worry about color transfer with the khaki if you do wear jeans as mentioned. I think staining the back is easier than the wings.
  4. RB all the way! Those are Gorgeous! And you don't need to worry about color transfer!
  5. royal blue, absolutely, for sure
  6. Royal blue !!! :smile:
  7. Royal Blue!!!!:smile:
  8. Royal blue it is!!! Can't wait to get it!!! Many thanks to you all for the feedback!!! It's gonna be a super early Xmas present for a rough year :yahoo: :P:graucho:
  9. Great choice! It's a stunning color combo
  10. Great choice!!! Looking forward to your reveal!
  11. Celine does royal blue very well :smile: