do i want a bleeker duffle?

  1. I love messenger esque bags, but I really want a sloucher bag, one that looks hip instead of dowdy. I've been out of touch with coach bags in an attempt to save money, but then I turned to coach flats eeek. I was never a fan of the other duffles coach put out, but I am LOVING the color and I really want a hands free bag, so is this it or should I keep looking? I did a search but it wasn't working properly, and when it did I only got two hits. Does anyone have modeling picts or it full with stuff? thanks for listening!
  2. I love the Bleeker Large Duffle No. 11423. I think it is a great bag and I own it in bottle Green. I just posted pictures of me modeling the new Rose Color. I really love this bag enough to purchase it again. It slouches beautifully and I fell really hip when I carry mine. Here are some modeling pictures to help. In my opinion this is one of the best bags Coach has made this past year.
    IMG0002_9.jpg IMG0001_16.jpg IMG0001_40.jpg