Do I Upgrade or Downsize?

  1. I carry a decent amount of stuff (see pics) but it makes my new carly look overloaded and bulky. She doesn't hang well on my shoulder and I either have to downsize what I carry everyday or upgrade to the large carly. I was hoping for a smaller bag to wear everyday - I use the ergo totes primarily and Andrea on occasion. What should I do. I am tall, so the large wouldn't overwhelm me, but I was really hoping to keep a smaller bag in use. I need the sunglasses case, the wallet and the card holder has all of my discount cards (for movies, lunches, grocery store etc). :hysteric: I really don't want to empty out my wallet everyday I take out my carly in order to fit it all. What do you think? I really need some help in deciding. Does it look to bulky? Should I upgrade or downsize? :sos:
    coach 124.jpg coach 137.jpg coach 139.jpg coach 144.jpg
  2. I think your bag looks fine from the outside, but if you aren't happy with it I'd change something. If you really think you need everything every day, I'd just upgrade, especially since you have the height to carry it off. I know how frustrating it can be to not have everything you need.:tdown: But if you really want to scale down, have you thought about a larger wallet or really evaluating everything you carry & making sure you really need ALL that stuff, every day?:confused1:

    I know this really isn't a definitive answer, but its hard. Several years ago I REALLY scaled back & it took a long time to get used to but I'm glad I did it!

    Good luck with your decision & let us know!;)
  3. I would keep the bag. If you are used to the ergo bags the larger carly might be to heavy.I would put all the important cards in my wallet.{credit cards} . Put the discount cards in the zip pocket and leave the card holder at home.Get a small fabric Cosmetic case for makeup and other small loose items. Will glasses fit without case in one of the pockets? Just some ideas.
  4. maybe try rearranging the stuff inside? Maybe stand the wallet and card holder vertical instead of laying them flay on the bottom. I do that with the stuff in my carly and it doesn't make it as bulky while if I just shove the stuff in there horizontal it looks bulkier.
  5. I think your bag looks great!! Doesn't look bulky to me at all. I think half of the battle with this is arranging your stuff in such a way that it fits together perfectly and doesn't have as much noticeable bulk. And i know that's a pain in the ass, especially if you're in a hurry to get something out and have to move everything around. I'd play around with it for a bit. Rearrange your stuff a few different ways and see if anything feels better to you.

    P.S. I love your phone--I have it in blue :0)
  6. Exactly, I've give that a try and maybe a different case (soft) for your sunnies. I would try these options first to try and keep the bag it is so cute. Either way, I don't think it looks bulky. It looks great on you.
  7. I don't think your bag looks overly full, although maybe you could get a smaller case for your sunglasses?? otherwise try on the large carly and see how that works?? ...:yes:
  8. Have you tried one of those purse inserts?? They sell these for about $10 or less on eBay, and not only does it make it easier to change bags, but it also keeps everything neat and organized. I believe they come in at least 3 diff. sizes. I have your problem sometimes with my Bleecker duffles...the contents will shift in such a way that it either bothers me by weighting down one side, or it makes the bag look ugly if something is sticking out weird. I do think your bag looks fine, but if you try the appropriate size purse insert, it might keep it organized a bit better for you.
  9. I'd upgrade...the bigger the better baby!!
  10. I know exactly how you feel. I always use huge bags, and I just goe the Medium Carly in Khaki/bronze....and I must say, it's quite a change from my usual "huge" I can't believe how light it is......anyway, I decided I can't that I don't even use half of the crap I carry around, (which may be different for you, because you may need everything you carry) and I knew I needed to carry a smaller bag, BUT that doesn't mean that I'm not adjusting...haha. Anyway, I'm trying to condition myself to carry a smaller bag once in shoulder can't take anymore!
  11. the bag looks great but if you're not happy with the look of it ( thinking you carry too much) i would go for the large carly.... because really you don't have a ton of stuff in there. Judging from that picture i'd never if my stuff in a regular carly...
  12. I would go for the large carly. :tup:
  13. Since you are uncomfortable w/ the way the bag is hanging then you should definitely go for the next size up. When you downsize the first thing that happens is you go to get something you usually carry and it's not there!

  14. Oh I know!!!! You know I will carry something around w/ me for a year, and NEVER use it, but the very second I take it out of my bag....well low and behold I all of a sudden NEEEEED it! Argh! I always do
  15. Upgrade! You'll be thankful for the extra room. It won't look too big, espec. if you're tall.