Do I treat myself?

  1. Ok, so this December I've worked nearly full time as assistant manager as well as doing my university course and so I have exhausted myself but earnt an absolute mint lol. Should I treat myself to the bagitnolles horizontal or should I be good and wait until my birthday in May? I also get my uni money this month so I will have lots of money but I don't know whether I should buy the bag or not as I also need to pay for my Masters in September arghhhh
    Little advice pleassseee from the ladies who know best!

  2. I would say to treat yourself because you have worked so hard!
  3. treat yourself!
  4. treat yourself!!! :smile:
  5. We are enablers, lol. Treat yourself!!!!
  6. You worked hard....go ahead and treat yourself..u deserve it!!!
  7. Treat yourself!! enablers unite!!!!
  8. ahh live a little! treat yourself babe!
  9. go ahead and treat yourself. enjoy.
  10. Get it now, you deserve it more than any ony else on this forum!!!
    As Gwen Stephani would say "What you waiting for:party:", Get it NOW.
  11. Definitely, absolutely treat yourself!!!
  12. I agree with everyone else, treat yourself!!
  13. Go buy your bag ASAP and have fun shopping!
  14. Get the bag - the Batignolles Horizontal is an absolutely great bag and you will just LOVE it!
  15. Treat yourself to an LV!! Then please post photos of your new LV on here for us to admire :p