Do I tip movers?

  1. This might be a silly question but I have nooo idea! I'm getting a bedroom set delivered today and don't know if I should tip them? If so, how much? :wacko: :unsure:
  2. I think we do tip movers. However, i'm not sure how much. May be all the other ladies know.
  3. I always do, if the move is in the £40 - £100 region I tip £10, the £100 - £500 I tip a nifty fifty. Work out what's enough for a working guy to have a beer and multiply that for the number (of men) involved if my English pounds confound ya! :lol:

    But if they're RUDE - like the "man" who moved me to my current home who didn't like dog hairs and the amount of work he had to do after quoting me for it :suspiciou - I tip "wear a jonnie" or "look both ways before you cross the road" - aka, nothing. :idea:

    Never be unwilling to appreciate good service (including a follow-up e-mail they can use for their credentials) :love: and never be afraid to be really harsh with bad service, IMO. ;)

  4. If they do a good job I do. If I've paid $50 for the delivery, I usually give the movers $10-$20 for their hard work
  5. I usually tip like $10 but I always offer them a bottled water as well. I saw that on an episode of Seinfeld and it kinda makes sense as a kind gesture.
  6. Well thanks guys for the advice! I've never had to deal w/ movers before so this is good info to know! Do u usually just tip one guy and he's supposed to split it w/ the other guys or tip each guy separately? :blink:
  7. Tip each guy separately and if they're delivering an entire bedroom set, give each of them a minimum of $20-$25. That's a lot of hard work and it's bad for the back. You're showing your appeciation that they didn't scratch or bash anything, but were careful going in.
  8. You've already paid for the furniture - they do get paid for their job. Tip each man $10.00 - If it's only one (unlikely) tip $20.00.
  9. Yes we usually tip, especially if they have to assemble the furniture. $20 a piece seems sufficient.
  10. Great advice..thanks very much!
  11. You should definately tip. The amount you tip depends on the level of strenous work they're doing. I imagine puttin together a bed set would be hard work, so tip accordingly. And yes, you should tip each person separately.

    Good luck!

  12. Yep...I do the same. I do not however tip if they are jerks and wont take off their shoes! :smile:

  13. If they do a a good job, I do.
  14. So what I'm understanding, the avg ball park figure is about $20/person, right? That is, $20 if they do a bang-up job (pardon the pun)?
  15. This is what I do too (tip each person separately - $10 + bottle of water or Coke) BUT I'm surprised that other people are tipping $20 and up per person. That sounds like too much to me.