Do i talk too much??? 1000 posts!!!

  1. Yay! 1000 posts...ok...i'm just tryin to think of a speech...ummmmmmmmm.....ok, i'll be back in a week...:angel:

    Ok, seriously, here it is - i really want to say thanks to Vlad, Megs and all the mods for making this such a fun place to hang out and for clearing up all the cr*p stuff before i even get a chance to see it!:graucho:

    Erm....definitely hats off to chloehandbags, passerby and all the other members for all their hard work with the animals (paw-paw) you deserve a big huge pat on the back xx
    Ladies, please check the thread out, i'm an animal lover and i hate to know that this sort of thing goes on, daily.:sad:

    Thanks to all of you who congratulated me when i passed my driving test on thursday, it took me a long time to get there after being involved in a crash in 2004, but i did it, and i was so pleased to be able to share the news with you all! xx

    Ummm...and i believe it must be someones birthday today but i'm not sure who!:graucho:

    That's it! Cheers all, it's been a pleasure and i luvs ya all!:flowers: :heart:
  2. Pleasure posting with you. :flowers:
  3. Great post, chicky -and of course, I am only saying that because you mentioned me :biggrin: Seriously, thank you so much for mentioning kitskats' thread.

    Also belated congrats on passing your driving test.

    And oh, Happy Birthday Jamie Redknapp - thanks, chicky, for giving me the chance to post that on an internet forum! :P
  4.'re so funny...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE REDKNAPP:roflmfao::lol:
    Thanks for the congrats......oh and you're welcome, credit where credit is due, i say!;) :yes:
  5. Congrats! By the way, cute kitties!
  6. congrats on your 1000th post
  7. Congrats on your 1,000th post.
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats on the milestone!
  10. congratulations.. gosh, that's a lot of posts.. hehe keep posting for more wonderful info...
  11. Keep on posting!! We all love a good talker/poster!!
  12. congrats on your 1000th post...!!!!:yahoo:
    i missed the opportunity to celebrate mine!i just didn't notice!!!:whistle::nuts:
  13. no way... u dont talk too much... totally love it when theres lots of posts to read!!! keep them coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo PF!
  14. yay, congrats on your 1,000th post! the PF is so addicting!
  15. It's been fun posting with you, Chicky! Congrats!