Do I still need birth control at 45?

  1. Yes, I know this is probably a question for a doctor, but thought I would bring it up here also.

    I am 45 years old, still have a very regular cycle (every 28 days), and my mother didn't go into menopause until her early 50s. I am not near or at menopause yet. Do i still need to worry about birth control?
  2. I would think Yes! My Grandmother had a oopsy baby at 45...
  3. If you're still having a regular cycle, I would say you do need birth control.
  4. aunt had an oops baby as well at that age. you need BC until you hit menopause.
  5. Ugh, yeah, I figured that was the case. I am so sick of birth control, so, so sick of it! LOL
  6. General rule of thumb is that you need to go a complete year without a period before you stop birth control. One-year-without-a-period means you're finally over the hump. Did some googling and found that the latest age at which a woman became pregnant without fertility drugs was 56. Lots of cases of women in their early 50s getting pregnant without fertility treatment.
  7. They have a procedure that you can have done where no surgery is involved. It is not reversable, but it sounds like that would not be an issue. Ask your doctor about it...
  8. What sort of procedure?
  9. Yes, yes, YES! Like a pp said, until you have gone a full year without a period it is not considered safe. And if your cycle is still regular, you are almost certainly still fertile - if not every month, then still probably more often than not.

    You could talk to your dr. about an IUD (Mirena or a Paragard) or about a permanent procedure called Essure. You can look them up to see what they entail. And, of course, there is always tubal ligation, but I am guessing that if you haven't done that up to this point you probably are not interested in it.
  10. Yes. I am the same age and my cycle has sped up and usually now is between 21 and 25 days (what a pain!). My doctor says it is the body's last attempt at pregnancy! So birth control is still necessary.
  11. YES! My friends who are a bit older say that the rule of thumb is that you need to not have your period for a FULL year to have it be considered menopause. One of them is bummed because she keeps going 8 months or so, then getting it and having to reset the clock.

    If you know you don't want to get pregnant, what about Mirena? I've heard great feedback on it.
  12. :lol: this says it all...
  13. I think so. I have a cousin who went off the pill in her mid-forties and...TWINS. Have you considered an IUD or Essure (which is permanent, I think)?
  14. thanks everyone, I am not big on putting anything permanent in my body, so, we use other methods. I just don't trust most permanent birth control devices, they always seem to find something wrong with them later. But, will keep on using birth control, thanks!
  15. all my friends' husbands have had the big V

    but my husband won't do it, which angers me...i feel that i have done enough physically for the family, and he won't go through a little procedure

    so i am thinking about the essure. i wish i didn't have to.