Do I smell...........

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  1. a FedEx truck in the neighborhood?????????????

  2. ooooooh, it's EXPRESS, overnight, right to you in no time/now/time for a Reveal:yahoo:
  3. :yahoo:gotta love fedex!
  4. Of course, on a day like today, I should have been doing this...
  5. HC....I thought I spotted you the other day....

  6. A live one. Open Open !!!!
  7. Oh GucciGal....

    That CANNOT be a real person.......can it???
  8. did you get this picture of my first you see why I divorced her! LOL!!! I scared!
  9. That photo really took my appetite away. Not that I was hungry anyway...but I'm very sensitive about my weight, and...well....
  10. its my desktop background pic and I LOVE IT.
  11. and that pic is supposed to be ME....haha...I spotted you and I was getting out of my chair.
  12. that is INSANE GG!!!!!!
  13. i love fedex!! theyre my personal santa claus they bring nothing but good stuff :upsidedown:
    reveaaal reveaal
  14. that's gotta be painful! jeez.
  15. my back is TOTALLY Shot....but DH loves them.