Do I select anonymous bidders or not?

  1. I'm listing 2 Balenciagas and am unsure about the anonymous bidder choice. When you guys bid on bags, does the fact that people can see your eBay ID matter to you? I am undecided. Thanks!
  2. I would not put annonymous and besides when bids are over $200 they appear as bidder 1, bidder 2, etc.
    Annonymous makes bidders weary, imo.
  3. Thanks! I did not know it makes them anonymous depending on the price. Good to know!
  4. You are welcome & it is a relatively new feature.
    I think a lot of scammers used to contact bidders and offer them the same items & get their id for phony second chance offers.
    By the way you will still be able to see who's bidding.
  5. I agree it puts me off and makes me suspicious:yes:
  6. Ditto ^^. Always be open if you can so long as your safety isn't compromised.
  7. I agree!
  8. I mostly buy and sell handbags since I'm an addict...
    I always make my bidders anonymous and I prefer to be an anonymous bidder on seller's auctions. Why? I buy high dollar items and I like the privacy of not having everyone and their mother knowing what I purchase, from whom how often and for how much. Sellers that have private bidding don't scare me away at all.
  9. I agree with BellaFiore! Anonimous is good!
    (Private listing is even beter! That way I don't have to be paranoid about my relatives/friends finding out my eBay id and disowning me :graucho: .)
  10. I like private auction too. Even though it's not supposed to be done others do contact bidders and dissuade them from bidding or to try to make a outside sale.
  11. When I remember I select private for my auctions this is for two reasons:
    1. Some Buyers like to remain anonymous from friends, family & even other ebayers.
    2. It stops other sellers emailing your buyers to try to sell them the item cheaper or spamming them
    A lot of these problems have been sorted now by the bidder 1,2,3. so if I forget to put private now it doesn't bother me.

    Now someone with private feedback really bothers me!
  12. As a buyer I love private listings! Before I had a lot of experience on eBay, I avoided them simply because I thought "private anything on ebay = bad". But when a seller put in the auction *why* she makes her auction private (to protect buyers from other sellers), I understood and now I am all for it.
  13. Food for thought. This has happened to me when I have bid on items.

    I do agree with others that it makes me suspicious of sniping.
  14. when an auction gets over $200, it automatically goes annonymous. it's to protect the bidders from receiveing those fake second chance offers on the item.