Do I remain ANON?????

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  1. I have a few neighbors that decided a great place to park their boats, cars, and other very large items would be the front yard. The area we live, is filled with very $$$$ homes, but a few are old-timers that are waiting to be torn down. So, these old- timer homes have broken bylaws for quite some time. I have been trying to not stir the pot and over look the unsightly mess. However, it just bugs the heck out of me:sad:. I placed a call with the city to file a complaint. They won't file anything unless you give out your name, number and home address. Do I just give it out:confused1:, in hopes that our neighbors don't find out who lodged the complaint? Perhaps I should just give up and close my eyes at the bylaws being broken? What's your advise? You guys, I am so frustrated.:Push:
  2. what about a respectful anonymous note in their mailbox from you?
    Are you in a neighborhood w/ an HOA?
  3. I once had an issue with a neighbor..
    I left a note in their mailbox and everything was resolved after that...try it!
  4. Give a different name and a different address lmao!
    No but seriously, the note in the mailbox sounds like a good idea to start with. Give them a few weeks and see what happens. If the mess isnt cleared up, I would file a complaint with my name and all, but then again-I just dont care lmao!
  5. That's an idea I haven't thought of. I may take that route. To be honest, I don't know. (HOA). I should but don't. I would think so. I knew all of that when I lived in Dallas, but not Vancouver.:shame:
  6. If you have an HOA, you should be paying the fees. If you arent paying any fees, you probably dont have one lol!
  7. Well, there you go.:angel: No, we don't have one. Maybe something along those lines.
  8. That's what I did once, too! It works! What I did was write a letter and a few areas in that letter I mentioned "we" and "neighbors", to make the person think that a few people are annoyed by it. Then at the bottom, I signed "your neighbors". Keep it ANON in a letter like that, don't put a return address, mail it, and it should work! Good luck!
  9. We all pay too much to have to put up with neighbors who don't give a rat's a** about others. If the anonymous letter doesn't work, I wouldn't hesitate to register a complaint with my name.

  10. Yes, glad I read that from Swanky and Jill. Others as well here have posted how I feel. Glad it isn't me being anal. I will try the letter first.:flowers:
  11. That is exactly what bothers me^^^we pay so much to maintain and landscape, yet these people don't stop to think that it's so unappealing. At least IMO:sad::crybaby: