Do I rebuy the Delightful or get a neverfull MM?

  1. Okay so in an act of insanity I parted with my like new Delightful MM. I now have an opportunity to get a neverfull MM. Is it worth it? Or should I get the delightful again. Which would you choose? UGH decisions! I have never owned a neverful so this would be a new one for me.
  2. I say neverfull I got it in Azur GM and I love it I was never a fan until I tried it on and I also love the lining and the big zip pocket inside it is so great anyway good luck.
  3. I think that the Delightful is beautifullllllllll. But if you're looking for something more for function (I noticed the baby in your avatar) then maybe the Neverfull MM would be better for your needs as it carries ALOT.
  4. Neverfull
  5. Delightful...Neverfull straps KILL my shoulder.
  6. Why did u part w the delightful? The nf definitely has more room and comes in ebene in case u wanna use it for a baby bag. I had the nf GM & as a baby bag was too huge.
  7. I traded it for three new coach bags, an act of insanity, yes...:p
  8. Delightful is so smooshy and confortable, but Nf is more practical. I own both and if I had to choose I would vote for the delightful. Good luck deciding, both are great bags anyway!
  9. delightful!
  10. Oh my gosh there is no contest, the delightful over a way too popular neverfull ANYDAY :smile: Get 'er back! haha.
  11. What do you plan to use the bag for; everyday, baby, shopping???

    I use my MM NF I bring it to the office with me, as it carries all my misc. items, such as my scarf, bills, body spray, lunch box, kindle, umbrella, etc. Anything that I don't carry in my purse, goes itno my NF. And let me tell you, I LOVE THIS BAG!

    I do take my NF out as a shopping tote on the weekends, but I only carry the bare minimum as the straps will dig into the shoulder if heavy.
    It's pretty much my everyday throw-around bag! I love it for that reason!

    I did purchase the delightful PM when it first came out and it was a comfortable bag, but it was too casual for me as a "purse" and not "totey" enough for me to carry otherwise. I didn't keep it. But the NF is a keeper, IMHO!
  12. Prettycitygirl - I plan to use it as my purse but I tend to carry a lot in there and prefer bigger bags. Not for baby at this time.

    By the way I do have a totally MM, too similar to the neverful?
  13. I am so glad you posted this thread. I am trying to choose between those two bags. I hope you get many responses. :smile:
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    honestly....I would buy the NF GM....if it were me

    I had the Delightful MM....parted with it to buy all the other bags I have revealed lately...don't miss it (but the Delightful GM reveals are making me think I was wrong):p

    I have had 2 NF MM's...still have 1...regret selling other one.

    I just bought NF Azur in GM...and really love the size

    so I vote for monogram NF GM or MM - main reason...I like the open style of a tote and the two straps as opposed to one strap and the closure of the Delightful

    they look like sisters inside and similar shape...its really the strap that will decide for you

    Good luck !!!:smile: