Do I really "want" a birkin???

  1. Okay I know the question sounds odd....but I'm kind of thinking out loud and here's why. I've had a couple of birkins and sold them - the first was too bright, the 2d was also too bright and I felt it attracted too much attention; the third was black and well I generally love colorful H bags so H black doesn't seem to be a keeper for me either! That said, I am a full blown BOLIDE gal! Love them to death!! Love 'em -- also have a plume and love that as well! So I still long for a birkin -- or do I? Should I and could I be happy with my beloved bolides and plumes? I know I should be! I feel like the birkin is more known to be a status bag - yes the shape works for me though and having all of the same style bags might be a little boring?? I have also had a kelly and do think I would like one again one day but for now that style doesn't work as well for me...would a birkin really 'complete' me??!!! Or would I find that it sits in my closet because I seem to like the under the radar H bags more?? Am I just too bored today??!!! Thanks for any input!:heart:
  2. well since you've owned birkins before and you felt they just werent for you. i feel maybe your first intuition is correct.

    some girls are birkin lovers and some just arent. theres nothing wrong with either.
  3. Shoes, oh heck how do I say this!!!
    You are a totally cute, gorgeous gal who loves the Bolide!!!
    Perfect bag. Perfectly chic.
    I guess if you were gonna branch out, I would say Kelly, I could soo totally see you with a Kelly aswell.
    I guess I could see you with any bag (although never Black!!) and if your mind was set on a Birkin, I think you could work it!!! In a cute colour of course.
    To tell you the truth, I dont have enough H experience, but you first ignited my love of Bolides!!! Thank you :love:
    Actually , what the heck, you go for it girl!!!
  4. The Status Symbol angst is what I am going through as well. I love the style of the Birkin and love Kellys as well but can't really incorporate my box Kellys in my current "Mommy of little ones" life style. I am not reaching for a Birkin either since the attention it receives is a bit much these days.

    If you have had Birkins and moved past them, maybe the ones you had were just the wrong size or color? There is no denying the beauty of a Birkin. Shape, ease of use and simplicity. I just wish the price tag wasn't so known among most people. It seems even the least fashionable of my friends/family members know exactly how much Birkins cost but they are clueless to how much Bolides and Plumes cost. I doubt they even know those two styles exist.

    When you had a Birkin in your closet, did you feel more complete?
  5. shoes I think you've gotta get your birkin :yes:: I'm totally with you on "still longing for another shape of H-bag". My :welcome:to you for selling all the birkins that didn't work for you! I'm in the similar situation: have my birkins but longing for plumes, picotines and...bolide perhaps (I never thought I wanted one untill recently :shame: - a croc or ostrich bolide I'm talking about).
    You know what? Try getting the best of using the ones you've already got and love and when you see THE ONE H-HAG you want next - get it right away! I know when it's boring :yes: but for me boring = means impulsive purchases I regret afterwords. Get a grip~. You will get YOUR NEXT HERMES BAG when you see it.
  6. have had 3...not 1, but 3 of them. Ask yourself...what possible leather, color, hw combo could make a birkin right for you? Maybe it just isn't??? You know color isn't for you, but neither was a neutral.

    Have you thought at all about a HAC? Maybe a smaller one? It can give you that look of the birkin and the open/easier access.
  7. What colors are the bolides that you love and use a lot? If you had a Birkin in that same leather/color/HW combination, would you use it? It sounds like maybe the Birkin isn't for you but you also didn't like bright/black, so who knows if, say, a gold Birkin might have worked out.
    That said, I have never fallen for the Birkin and, after all these years of using Kellys, have never wanted another style. I have many Kellys in different sizes/colors/leathers and I use one everyday/night. I love how it simplifies my content system, what goes where, etc., making a bag change very easy. I do not long for another Hermes style. So I can see why the bolide/plume combination could be perfect for you and adding something else might just seem superfluous.
  8. You had one X 2. Kelybag says 3! Maybe you have found your comfort zone which is really the world of Bolide/Plume. Perhaps you will feel the need for one in time. At least you aren't stuck with something you don't really love.
  9. I've had my two Black Clemence 30cm w/PH and one Chocolate Togo 35cm G/H. I'm not sure the Birkin was for me because I sold both of them. I am tempted now for another Birkin or try a HAC...I don't know either what to do. I do love my Kellys and Bolide!! I love the shoulder strap option and they are very classy and under the radar. are not boring...I don't think Bolides are boring. They are very sophisticated to my eyes.
  10. Your girls are all fun and funny!! I do think partly I feel that I SHOULD have one birkin, kwim?? But then when I have had them, it always did feel more showy...remember I'm in a fairly small town and only know of a couple other purse lovers like myself but never have seen another H bag except for tourists passing through! I used to find I would turn the bag towards me so the name didn't show - I guess that is why I love the plumes and bolides...and I'm just fine with loving those bags...and can chuckle when asked if it's a "Dooney"!!! I have raisin and etoupe bolides that I love, and an ostrich that gets a bit more closet time......thanks for the seems I can never just settle down and be happy!! Always looking and buying and selling!! Although I'm getting there...I totally have purse add!!!
  11. I did the same thing too when I owned my Birkins!! I honestly can't stand when people stare since I feel they want to swipe it. I was asked once if my Black Boxcalf Bolide was a Coach!! I said "yes" since I didn't want to explain to the person in the elevator about Hermes.:upsidedown:
  12. Shoes~ It takes me a WHILE to get with the groove of what works for me. I am definitley a person who makes mistakes along the way. I myself purchased 2 kellys and then decided to try a birkin. The birkin works for me. The kellys went out. It was the ease of use for me having 2 small children. Use what works for you. Don't feel you have to have a birkin (you have tried 3 times). If is a particular color that maybe you would use, that I understand. Buying and selling gets a little nerve racking..think on it. If you truely don't like the style..then stick with what you :heart:. I hope this helps a little:girlsigh:
  13. lovehermes -- I was at Starbucks and the employee asked what kind my bag was!! I said something like "oh I just got this on e-bay" (true!) -- I was also too embarrassed!

    Ghost - very true....I can always down the road sell a couple of the others for a birkin fund!
  14. shoes,
    When I carry my H bags they are not only under the radar, "I am like where is the radar??? Helloooooo"
    No-one here has got any idea, thats the reason why I love tPF!!
    I can see you with a cute croc or exotic Birkin!!! Something a little different!!!
  15. shoes, if your intuition tells you one thing, then maybe you don't really "want" a Birkin, you just like the "idea" of one. :smile: