Do I really need to use the Dustbag???

  1. Is this a silly question? :girlsigh:I was just wondering how many of you are diligent with keeping your bbags in their dustbags when you are not using them. Other than keeping it from getting dusty are their any other real benefits to keeping it in their dustbags? Does it help prevent cracking and fading? This question popped into my head the other night and I couldn't come up with an answer that could convince me to keep my two bbags in it's dustbag when not in what are your thoughts?

    (Sorry if I sound repetitive above:upsidedown:)
  2. I like to keep all my bags in their dustbags. I am very diligent about it.:yes:
  3. ^ me too. it's up to you to use them, but it really helps prevent them from getting dusty.
  4. I keep my bag in the dust bag. I'm always afraid something will fall on it and scratch the leather.
  5. I have to say I don't own a Balenciaga (yet.. hopefully by the end of this year), but I keep all my other bags in their dustbag when I'm not using them. I think it helps keep them clean.. besides dust.. random things from happening to them like colour transfer from other things or accidentally spilling something on them. I think it also prevents sunlight and other light from hitting the bags which I think helps keep them newer longer and prevents stuff like rapidly-darkening patina on my LVs.

    Although I don't think the dustbag directly prevents cracking of the leather, I think if you're diligent enough to keep it in the dustbag then you're likely to be one of those who is diligent enough to be doing the other things you need to do to prevent your leather from drying out.
  6. I agree with the other posters, using the dustbag is just a preventative from things happening to the bag. Also depending on where you store them, it could help prevent lightening of the bags from sunlight etc. Basically, you will probably never regret using the dustbag, but if something happens to your $1,000 handbag that could have been prevented if it had been in it's dustbag, you will likely want to kick yourself.

    I too am very dilligent about using the dustbag and when I change bags, one comes out of her dustbag, the other goes into her dustbag. Each dustbag is labelled for the individual bag and I keep the strap, mirror and all extra tassels and inside cards in the dustbag. I know where they are at all times. I like that.

    I wish you well,

  7. Definitely a good idea and I do use the dustbags. Once you get used to it, it becomes second-nature.
  8. I definitely keep mind in the dustbag.
  9. Definitely use the dustbags. Aside from protection against dust and scratches, it's just a generally good idea to pamper these beautiful things.
  10. I think its also good to regulate the moisture in the air around the bag... or at least, thats what I think... no scientific proof to that. ;)
  11. ditto ^^ :tender:
  12. I used to store them in their dustbags but I got so sick of the getting them out and back into the dustbag that I bought a cupboard with glass doors. Now I can see and admire them and have easier access and they're protected from dust and dirt. The cupboard is not exposed to direct sunlight. the only bag which is still in her dustbag is my MC white LV so that it doesn't get a too dark patina. My new rouge work is outside of the cupboard because I want to look at her before I go to sleep and that I can see her first thing in the morning. I'm so madly in love!!:heart:
    rougevifwork 010.jpg rougevifwork 011.jpg
  13. that's a great idea, tanja! your bags are all gorgeous!!! i'd put them on display too if i had a collection like that!
  14. all my bags are kept in their dustbags...
  15. I always put my bags back to their dust bag and I would stuff some of them to make them in better shape. Plus it is easy for you to find the bag you want to wear.:graucho: