Do I really need to lose weight?

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  1. Here's my dilemma, I feel that im at a perfect weight of 105 pounds I feel comfortable with my body and how it looks. The captain of the cheer squad told me I have to lose at least 10 pounds to look good for the season!!:crybaby:
    Honestly I dont know what to think about my body. I feel that it's an obligation to lose them but on the other hand I feel perfectly fine with my current weight.
    Here's a picture so you can see how I look. Ironically the "fattest" person in the picture is the captain!:censor:
  2. Which one are you? Everyone looks great to me. How tall are you? If you are any taller than 5'3" you DO NOT need to lose ten more pounds since you already weigh 105.

    Where does the captain get off telling you to lose weight anyway?? And what's more important: your health or being a cheerleader?....
  3. You're the one on the left correct? I am comparing the photo to the one in your profile. Do I think you need to lose 10 pounds? Heck no! I think it's ridiculous that the captain would suggest you lose weight when she obviously fatter than you.
  4. Who in the world is your captain to tell you that you need to lose 10 lbs! To me, 95 lbs is a VERY dangerous and low weight, depending on how tall you are.

    Tell your captain to shove it up her ass and that you'll be doing what's healthiest for you - not what she feels will look "best".
  5. your captain needs her head examined. I was a cheerleader all through high school and our squad never had conversations like this! she is not a doctor, she has no right to tell you this. tell her calmly that if she continues to pursue the issue with you, you are going to the district. she is treading on delicate ground bordering on discrimination. she does not set the standard for what "looks good".
    thats absurd.:mad:
  6. cindylicious, which one are you (in the photo)? Judging by the picture in your profile, I think you are the girl on the far right (please correct me if I'm wrong!). If you are the girl on the far right, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your current weight! You look perfectly fine! How can your captain say something like that??

    And as lamiastella said, 95 lbs can be a dangerously low weight, depending on how tall you are.
  7. Nah, you don't need to lose any weight, you're the thinnest of the bunch! If anyone needs to lose weight it's your captain.
  8. I know you're the one on the right so... you DON'T NEED to lose weight! good god finally there's one girl not always worrying about her weight and then some dumbass who's fat herself tells her to lose weight :wondering
  9. she needs to take her own advice.
  10. no offense, but it seems like you're just fishing...
  11. :censor: No 105 lb woman should be asking if she needs to lose weight. It's like a millionaire asking the lower middle class if she should keep making money.
  12. 105 lbs? You're perfect!! :nuts: Tell your captain to stick the cheers baton up her ass! :angel:
  13. Wow, you look great. She's just jealous!
  14. Come on, Ladies, you're getting catty! There's nothing wrong with the size of the captain either!! What you are saying is no different than the captain saying Cindy needs to lose weight! All these girls look terrific.

    The issue is that it's none of the captain's business to make such a demand.
  15. I think you're in great shape, so you don't need to lose any weight. I think it's a bit of a "pot kettle" situation with your captain though :P
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