Do I really need this please HELP!!!

  1. Should I get this or a Tobago pice and a Sacoche MM?, should I get it? and would I use it:shocked::wacko: :confused1: help me before I reach insanity it's about $4700 after tax:push:


    please help:sos:
  2. anyone:shrugs:
  3. "need" and's hot depends on your wallet. If you think it's doable without hurting your wallet, go for it..
  4. lol my wallet is a masochist:biggrin: and I wan't it more than I need it:devil:
  5. ps. I need to make a decition this week in order to ban myself...

  6. I agree w/ Nita
  7. that black bag is tdf, and i would get it instead of the tobago & sacoche.

    but don't put yourself in tons of debt over it! so not worth it!
  8. im sofa king tempted ^ and no worry I only pay cash:graucho:

    im chewing my nails, need more enabling...
  9. I don't think you *need* a $4700 bag, but it is pretty and looks timeless, so if I wanted it and could afford it, I'd get it if I was you :smile:
  10. It is a NICE bag. Expensive but nice. Is it suede or fur? If so, that would be a negative for me.
  11. the handles are leather and it's calf leather with hair and it has satin interior with shoe compartment and it has feet and s lock

    ps. those pics don't do the carryall justice it's really TDF literally I think LV breed those cows just to make those bags...
    and there's one in suade:yucky: It's verry pretty but I only like suade on shoes...
  12. If you're gonna use it a lot then go ahead.
  13. you obviously like this bag a lot..WHAT ARE WAITING FOR??

    i want to see this bag IRL now...i bet the calf leather is super nice.
  14. Shoe compartment? You have me sold right there. Go for it!
  15. The leather is ORGASMIC:nuts: