Do I really need another speedy???

  1. I am absolutely in love with LV speedy shape!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! So, I have Epi Speedy 25 in black and Damier Speedy 25 but I am loving Epi Speedy in RED!!!! Should I just go ahead and buy it? Do I really need three speedies though (trying to justify another LV purchase here...LOL)???? Which one is classier in your opinion - Epi Speedy or Alma (since I have two speedies already)??

    My two speedies are the only two bags I use the most. I tried using Chanel and Fendi but always go back to my Louis! So, what do you think???? I don't have a pic of red Epi Speedy but it's gorgeous!!!!

    Also, I would buy it from LV at Saks. Does anyone know which Saks carries LV (other than the one in NYC) and would I save on tax by having it shipped from a state other than NY? Also, how much do they charge for 2-day shipping?

    Thank you for your help in advance!
  2. I would get a different bag.
  3. need it. I have three and they are all different to me. I probably will get more at some point. They are nice bags. :nuts:
  4. You can never have enough speedies ! Nevah !!!
  5. LOL!!! That's what I think! I just love them!!!!
  6. YES!!!:nuts:
  7. The red epi speedy is very nice. I suggest you get it from ebay and save some $$. IIRc I saw one or two on ebay right now.
  8. Never get enough of speedy....
  9. You have asked the question in the wrong place. LOL.:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. Alma!!!
  11. i would say get the alma first..and then go bck and get the speedy...
  12. I really like the epi speedy! If it's definatley the bag you want, go for it.:yahoo: I feel they all look very different even though they are all the same model bag.
  13. u dont have a mono speedy? u need one of those 2!! haha i dont think im helping am i?!?
  14. If you really really love the Speedy shape, then yes, you should get the red epi speedy. The red epi speedy would not look too similar to the other 2 speedys that you currently own.
  15. hey ya!!! totally agreeing with everyone else... get the speedy!!! woo hoo!!! if you love it totally get it!!!