Do I really need another black patent bag?Valentino,Prada,Mulberry and it's growing

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  1. I couldn't resist the temptation last night so tripped over a/w black patent Bayswater from Mulberry website:nuts:.

    Problem is, I already have black patent Gauffre from Prada and a black patent Histoire from Valentino.
    I love patent ones
    but at this point I'm not sure how many black patent I should keep in my closet.

    This will be my first mulberry ever
    and the black patent bayswater was TDF!!!!
    But I'm concerned that Bayswater and Histoire could look alike.
    Is Mulberry considered significantly below Prada or Valentino in bag hierachy?
  2. IMO there's no bag "hierarchy" only personal choice and levels of quality

    You obviously love black patent and you seem to always go for quality brands

    Mulberry is superb quality and sturdy, a tom-boy in comparison to your much more lady-like Valentino

    You've found your niche - if it works for you - be happy!

    Congrats on your soon to be Mulberry
  3. Thanks papertiger for your relply.
    My first Mulberry just got delivered today and it's heartbreakingly gorgeous.:nuts:
  4. Congrats Bleu!! I am drawn to black patent as well. I would love to see pics of your fab collection if you're so inclined! I don't have the wonderful brands you do <wiping drool from corner of mouth> LOL!

    Enjoy your new Mulberry! And if you feel like posting pics, I could admire from afar. :smile:

  5. Thanks Amy.
    I got the black patent Mulberry Bayswater maily because it's on promotion in the U.S only for a limited time. The price will shoot up any time soon. So if you'd like to get one, act fast!
  6. Congratulations!

    I hope you will be very happy together;)

    I have my eye on the ostrich Bayswaters (too expensive at the mo - maybe later)