Do I really need... (a Town for my holidays)?

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  1. Hi all - despite having acquired my gorgeous Murier RGGH PT a mere week and a bit ago, I find myself drawn to a new bag. I am going on hols next weekend :woohoo: and will be touring California (San Fran, Santa Barbara, LA, Vegas) :woohoo: :woohoo: so started to obsess about having something smaller as an everyday bag for sightseeing etc.

    I would prob be carrying: wallet, camera, passport, iPhone, blackberry, and a small makeup pouch with lipbalm etc.

    I am drawn to the Town because it's not as big as the PT, so might be more suited to being a holiday "grab bag", plus it's crossbody so I could use it hands free; BUT my sensible head is asking whether I should just use my Murier PT instead and save myself the pennies for treats on holiday? Or would the Town (am thinking RH, in a fun colour like Pivoine/Sorbet, or a pale colour like Sahara) be a useful addition and an indispensable acquisition for day to evening while I'm on hols?

    Sorry for the mini essay - would be really grateful to hear your views on whether Murier RGGH PT should be my "go to" holiday bag, or whether a cute RH Town would be better?

    Also, if I went for something like Sahara or Pivoine, would the leather strap be ok to wear cross body with halter tops or bandeau dresses in the warm weather that I hope awaits in CA? I am more used to protecting my Bals in the rain than worrying about whether putting the leather against skin with SPF would damage it!! Guidance from Bal lovers in warmer climes would be appreciated - will LMB products be adequate protection for the leather against the oils in my skin/sunscreen?

    Please help me decide!! am going :wacko:
  2. Although the Town would be perfect, as you say, for hands-free and sightseeing, etc., if you don't think you will get much use out of it otherwise, you should use the funds to buy something in California. Since so many stores in California sell Bal, what if you find another that you just have to have? Will you then regret buying the Town just for this trip? JMHO.

    ETA: I don't think sunscreen would be that great to rub against the leather, but I don't know about LMB protecting it either - sorry I am no help there, but maybe someone else will chime in.
  3. I think having a smaller bag on your trip will be very useful. Even though the PT is a light bag it is still quite heavy when loaded up with all your stuff, especially if you are spending the whole day on your feet sight seeing. I think the town is a great option but if your opt to hold out I think you should at least bring another (smaller) messenger type bag for those days that you want to travel light. When I go on trips I always bring a clutch type bag because I've always regretted it when I didn't.

    If you go with a lighter color just make sure you don't wear the bag crossbody style when you are wearing denim. Other than that, I think you'll be fine!
  4. Cbarrus - good point about Cali stores selling Bal, but since Bals are more expensive than in Europe I'm steeling myself not to be drawn into buying them in USD (sooo hard - lol!).

    Littlerock - thanks for the input. I usually use my Longchamp Le Pliage on holidays but I always feel a bit of a cop-out doing that as I have so many lovely leather bags at home, and I feel that I should try and use them abroad too.

    I think I am going to need a messenger-style bag for my hols, and if not the Town (or any Bal) - does anyone have any recommendations? Open to any and all suggestions!
  5. What other designers do you like? I wear almost exclusively Bal, but one bag that you cannot destroy (as far as rain, etc.) is anything by LV in Damier. The Bloomsbury PM is adorable and can be worn crossbody. It is also not "logo ridden." It's a few hundred more or less (if that matters) than Bal. However, there is some sort of freakish "shortage" going on with LV right now, so it may not be possible to find one :sad: Others may have better suggestions. If you really want the Town (I know how it is if your heart is set), then get the Bal. I didn't think about the price difference in California when I responded. I just thought about how much fun it would be to shop in a place that sells lots of Balenciaga (since I do not have that luxury) :smile:
  6. Hi Cbarrus - thanks for the reply. Bal would be my first choice since the colours are so beautiful and I :heart: the leather, but then I'm wondering whether to look at more reasonably priced bags (Mulberry, Marc Jacobs) for something for the holiday. That would assuage my guilt a bit too - there is a risk my DH would have a sense of humour failure if I bought another new bag so close to hols, so am stalking evilbay for pre-loved bags!! I looked at the Bloomsbury, but I think you're right about the LV shortages - it's sold out to buy on the UK website...
  7. I'd hold off buying anything before going on holidays: I mean, unless you are going on a very long break - like three weeks, and attending a slew of cocktail events, would you necessarily need a small bag bought especially for the trip - particularly as you mentioned having other leather bags already?

    If it it not a formal event, then taking out everything but your bare essentials will leave your Part-time considerably lighter, and it will collapse quite nicely on itself as well.

    Holding off now from buying another Town so soon after your last purchase means that if you see something you really love while you are away (it's funny how that always happens;)) then you can buy it with less guilt. Plus, you keep your relationship with hubby happy.

    However, to throw a spanner in the decision-works for you, I must admit that I went away for four weeks twice this year, and used only the RH Town as my everyday bag, everyday. I carry more than you do, plus I always have a 500mL water bottle with me and a book for reading, and I never needed more space than what the Town offered. If you are only ever going to carry what you listed above, then I'd purchase the Town in the colour you adore now, and not bother taking the Part-Time at all on your trip.

    I've discovered from years of travelling with various Bal bags, that we usually do not need as much space to carry what we think we need:smile:
  8. I used my town the entire trip when i went to vegas! it was the perfect bag!! i was so glad i took it. i almost left it at home too!
  9. Chiming in from hot and humid Singapore... I would not wear any of my leather bags against bare/lotioned skin. I even stopped wearing cami tops because of my bags.
  10. How about a Prada messenger bag? Its made of very tough nylon so you won't have to worry about it getting dirty. Its very lightweight too so you can put more stuff in it and still feel comfy wearing it crossbody as you go sightseeing. My Prada messenger bag has been a constant travellng companion for me for the past 3 years :biggrin:
  11. Some info about CA weather - you shouldn't have to worry about suntan lotion or sundresses at this time of year. Santa Barbara is breezy and cool most of the time and San Fran is generally windy and can be downright frigid. Depending on where you are in LA, it can range from cool along the coast to moderate downtown to the 70's in the valleys, but it's definitely not "tropical" weather. You should be fine with any cross body bag.

    My advice is to bring layers and splurge on the Town ONLY if it's a style you would be coveting anyway. I'm also a fan of buying bags at different locations to commemorate the trip - I have a Fendi from Honolulu, Chanel from Chicago and YSL mombasa bag from NYC (before I moved here). Every time I use one it reminds me of my wonderful vacation memories! (you do have to take the prices and taxes into consideration though). Enjoy California with whatever Bal you decide on!! :sunnies
  12. Thanks Sky - you give great advice, and I know I really *should* use the PT and save my resources for a possible commemorative bag like Cali to NY suggested...I have been eyeing up an Alexander Wang Rocco for some time :graucho:
  13. Wonderwoman - hope you had a great time in Vegas! Maybe I'll get lucky on the slots or something and have some money to buy a Town in one of the Vegas boutiques...!! Thanks for the input - I have convinced myself the Town would be perfect like you said, but taking into account how much I'd use it back home I probably should stick with my PT or buy a more affordable non-Bal cross body bag :shucks:
  14. Argh I don't know how to reply to everyone's messages in one post!!

    Thanks Dragonette for the warning re. lotioned skin. I will try not to fall into this trap when using my Murier PT!

    Ycart - good recommendation about the Prada messenger. I will check those out - I really do want a change from my Longchamp faithfuls on holidays!

    Cali to NY - I am so excited about my hols! I have been following the weather on my iPhone but nothing beats local knowledge - I will be sure to bring layers :cool:

    I guess looking at this rationally, I just have to stay busy at work and not think about the Town for another 4 days and then I'll be getting on the plane :woohoo:
  15. I think I'd just take the PT and as has been suggested if you see something on hols that you just have to have then you won't feel so guilty! A less expensive cross-body bag is what I'd take. Have a lovely holiday whatever you decide.